Pasante Strawberry Flavour Condome 144pcs

The Pasante Condoms with Strawberry flavor excite all your senses with the sweet smell and taste delicious.

All condoms are manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards. The condoms are made of natural latex, lubricated, and have a reservoir.

Condom Features:
- Flavour: Strawberry
- Lubricant: Normal
- Colour: Red
- Texture: Smooth
- Size: Medium
- Nominal width: 52 mm
- Thickness: Normal
- Package quantity: 144 pieces
- Brand: Pasante

Recommended for:
Each tested condom is suitible for vaginal, oral and anal contact, as long as the condom fits properly and you use enough appropriate lubricant.

  • Strawberry taste
Condom structure Sleek
Lubricant condom
Taste condom Strawberry
Condom thickness Normal
Condom Size Medium size
Suitable for Men
Colour Red
Packing Retail packaging (cardboard)
Nominal width condom 52