Social Media Influencers

We are looking for Social Media Influencers, so if you consider yourself and social media influencers have a big following and a very active account and willing to share your thoughts, photos and videos with the world while getting paid and getting some free items from our range of lingerie or maybe sex toys?

So if you're up for it please get in touch with us, either through the social media channels, or fill out our contact form, we'll need a link to your social media profile, or your blog, we will then decide whether we'll start working with you right away or keep you on file for later or, which is not very likely, we won't work with you but we'll get in touch and let you know in any case.

If we are working with you we will ask you to create an account on our website and create a wishlist to which you may add items you'd like to promote for us, we will keep an eye on that and we'll let you know which of the chosen Items will be selected and sent to you, we'll contact you before sending anything.

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