Pantyhose With Harlequin Print - Black/White

Crazy, striking and seductive? Anything can happen when you are wearing these harlequin print tights. These tights are a real eye-catcher with their contrasting patterns. Make your outfit stand out without glaring colors. The tights are made of 100% Polyamide/Nylon which make them easy to put on and wear.

Material: 100% Polyamide/Nylon
Color: White/Black

  • Striking panty
  • Clown print
  • Eye-catcher
One Size One Size (S-L 34 - 40)
Fit Tight-fitting
Pattern Mixed
Washing temperature Hand wash
Drycleaning No
Clothes dryer No
Ironing No
Bleaching No
Suitable for Women
Colour White
Packing Retail packaging (plastic)
For Who:
For Her
100% Nylon