Women's sexual fantasies: what really turns us on

A woman's sexual fantasies are not limited to one trip to a sex shop and role-playing games with a whip, because this has made everyone sick for a long time, for which thanks to "50 shades of gray". However, there are among the female sexual dreams and those that have already become a kind of classics in our imagination.

It so happened that men's sexual fantasies are discussed much more often than women's. We've all heard a lot about sexy nurses, sex with two girls, and other dreams of the opposite sex. But now the time has come to understand what women want in bed, what they dream about at night, but do not always admit this to their partners, but really should!

A Tied Hostage. Some women like it when their actions are limited, thereby demonstrating that they are completely at the mercy of their man. Someone even wants to play “Stockholm Syndrome”, becoming a hostage who falls in love with the villain. Men also like games of domination or submission, so this fantasy can be considered universal.

The eyes do not see but the body feels. Women dream of blindfolded sex when they want to completely surrender to the senses and experience an orgasm on a different level, focusing exclusively on touch. In such fantasies, there is also a share of submission, because with her eyes closed, a woman wants to completely rely on a man and his ability to please her, while choosing a more passive role.

Sex with a stranger. Among the classic female fantasies, sex with a stranger takes almost the leading position. This is not surprising, because who of us at least once dreamed of a handsome guy whom we noticed at a bar / on the beach / at a party. Passionate sex with a man, whose name you do not know, without explanations and obligations - this is one of the desires, which not everyone has the courage to bring to life.

Save me, master. Yes, yes, thoughts of firefighters and sexual cops also arise in our imaginations. In a word, a man in uniform who comes to the rescue (or, on the contrary, wants to punish) excites in earnest. It's funny that imaginary saviors often appear in front of us with the faces of Ryan Gosling, Keanu Reeves, Ryan Reynolds, Robert Downey Jr. and other Hollywood beauties.

Sex with a woman. Not everyone admits this, but every third woman has thought about lesbian sex at least once in her life. And the point is not at all in non-traditional orientation, but rather in curiosity and aesthetic perception of the female body, which excites not only men. In addition, in fantasies, sex with a woman is much more tender than with a man, for whom foreplay is not so important.

Sex in a public place. A glimpse of overheard stories about sex in the locker room or in the back seat of a taxi sometimes excites the female consciousness. The desire to experience sexual extreme and be on the verge of being discovered is not an adventure that causes ecstatic excitement mixed with fear.