What does 50 Shades of Gray style sex do to your brain?

What does 50 Shades of Gray style sex do to your brain?A small study of the American journal Psychology of Consciousness: Theory, Research, and Practice showed that BDSM is not only a story about whips and strong ropes, domination, and submission. Regular practice of 50 Shades of Gray style sex can be very beneficial! And that's why.

The study involved 7 couples who constantly use BDSM techniques. They were asked to demonstrate their skills, changing roles, and not being limited in time (Nothing is said about the personality and impressions of the observers.).

As a result, the following became clear. All partners reported reduced stress levels and improved mood. The "upper" participants reached a special state of flos state - all the body's resources are focused on one task and the sense of time is lost. Some athletes and artists talk about this state - that's when you can squeeze the maximum out of yourself.

In the “lower ones”, in addition to the signs of this “floating state,” excitation of the receptors of the prefrontal cortex was noted. This happens in those moments when external circumstances require close attention. This reduces pain and creates a sense of peace, according to the study.

Why does BDSM affect people so much? Obviously, because it enhances feelings and requires adjusted actions, according to study author Brad Sagarin. This new knowledge about BDSM can be useful for those who find it difficult to “turn off the brain” to solve urgent problems. This may be the most convenient way for them to focus on a specific problem.

Of course, this does not mean that you and everyone else should give up yoga and buy a bundle of durable cord. It's just that if you already practice BDSM, there is a scientific reason to love this type of sex. And if you want to try, this special condition can relieve unusual pain. In general, proper binding can be useful!