What are we silent about? Desires in sex

To enjoy life, you need to get it from everything that happens to us, and not like this: “Well, I'll be patient at work, because in the evening it will be good at home,” or so: “I don’t really like it today, probably he tired. "Each person has desires and he wants them to be realized, no matter what, in food, clothes, work, sex. Of course, not everything is in our hands, but it is worth trying to have fun with your family, in bed with your beloved, and you should choose a job to your liking, but about work another time. Today we will talk about desires in sex.

Do you often tell your loved one what exactly you want, and he is you? This is the main mistake of many couples, if at the beginning of a relationship, you like everything, you want to try and experience everything, then over time, desires change, you want more and more varied, but if a man does not know about this, how can he do it for you. He thinks that you get pleasure, that you are good with him, the same and vice versa, it seems to you that he is satisfied with everything, you have regular sex, sometimes even very nothing, but when it happens, on holidays? Was it like this before?

Many will say that we are not so young anymore, all this is nonsense, pleasure can be obtained at any age, the main thing is to want, and imagine what you would like. If you have limited imagination in this direction, you can offer to watch an erotic or more serious film together. What are we silent about? Desires in sex, there is nothing wrong with that, perhaps you will see there something new for yourself and want to try.

But the main thing that needs to be done is to talk to each other, more often tell the man exactly how you like it, what you would like, if even this happens in the process, and do not be afraid to say the opposite when you do not like it, it hurts or it is unpleasant, or just nothing. It will be easier for a man to give you pleasure in this case. And let him be sure to share his desires with you, and you try to realize it, not all at once, of course, but gradually, every time something new, then your games and caresses will excite more, and sex will not give pleasure from time to time for once, on holidays, but always.

But many will say that they do not like to ask for something, let him guess what I need. This is fundamentally wrong. A man by nature loves to be told directly what they want, he does not understand hints and omissions. Therefore, you do not need to be shy and tell a man directly what you want. And do not be afraid of misunderstanding on his part, just try to take the first step, perhaps he himself already thought about it, but was afraid of your reaction.

Do not be silent with each other! Love each other, talk, have sex, and have fun!

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