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10 facts men hide about sex

Would you like to look into the thoughts of a loved one? We give you this opportunity! A man will reveal all the secrets of the stronger sex!

1. We are afraid of having sex with a new woman

Yes, it's true: we men really think about sex all the time, and if we were faced with a magnificent neckline, while a lady would have three eyes and a Chihuahua on her head, we would not have noticed this. But when it comes to first intimate contact with a new lady ...


Wedding is just around the corner? Or it may not be soon, but you are together enough to study each other extremely deeply and not only psychologically. There is still a whole life ahead, as they say, in sorrow and in joy, but why not diversify intimacy now? How to make bed a place where you don't want to leave and where you always want to return.

For the benefit of the body and complexion.

Just 3 questions that will instantly determine if your relationship has a future: psychological test

French psychologist Maria Jameson has been advising married couples for 15 years. On the basis of her conversations, she revealed that similar types of people still get along better than very different ones. Only people with similar outlooks on life can boast of an ideal relationship. No, that doesn't mean you both have to love cooking or football.

Latex, PVC, PU Leather, Wetlook, Datex etc by Celene Nox

I was meaning to write an article about all of the different shiny materials (we sell lingerie made of those ;) we keep all of those under Fetish Lingerie Section), but then I came accross Celenes video on YouTube so I felt I should share, hope Celene won't mind.

Celenes YouTube channel is here: do check it out she has some great videos on there.

Sex toys - lovers' helpers

Human life is a continuous relationship. From childhood, we are in contact with peers or our relatives. In childhood, the first amazing sensations associated with interest in the opposite sex come to us. And here it is very important which adults are next to the children. Because how they direct such children's interests depends on how, as adults, people relate to each other.

What are we silent about? Desires in sex

To enjoy life, you need to get it from everything that happens to us, and not like this: “Well, I'll be patient at work, because in the evening it will be good at home,” or so: “I don’t really like it today, probably he tired. "Each person has desires and he wants them to be realized, no matter what, in food, clothes, work, sex. Of course, not everything is in our hands, but it is worth trying to have fun with your family, in bed with your beloved, and you should choose a job to your liking, but about work another time. Today we will talk about desires in sex.

Lubricant and no friction in relationships

The subject of love excites the minds of all people on the planet. What then is human life without this feeling. Since the topic is intimate, it is one thing to read novels or watch films, and quite another to experience this feeling in adulthood. After all, an attitude is not only feelings (although this side of the issue is the component without which there can be no love). But a harmonious relationship should be in everything. Problems in intimacy should always be solved so as not to overshadow high feelings.

How to diversify sex

Sex is a topic for reflection that is always relevant and exciting for a large number of people. Sex should only bring bright and positive emotions. If this is not the case or there is no sex at all, this is always an alarming sign. Indeed, in this case, all other spheres of a person's life begin to limp. People who are 100 percent sexually satisfied always stand out from the crowd. It is to achieve the same result that today always relevant advice will be offered on the topic of how to give the intimate sphere of life more fire and variety.

BDSM for beginners

Many people want to try the elements of BDSM in their bedroom. However, most are embarrassed to communicate their desires to a partner, because there is a chance that they will be misunderstood. This article was created as a mini-guide for beginners in the BDSM culture.

How to become the best lover for your husband

Love is tenderness, care, trust, passion, sex. While mutual respect, understanding, and harmony are at the heart of any long-term relationship, they are all about sex to one degree or another. Some couples hold on to this, and this is the mainstay of their relationship. Others say that trust is more important, and that sex is in the background. Be that as it may, sex can not only add variety to relationships but also strengthen them. If you've been with your partner for a long time, perhaps the passions between you have subsided. This is why it is so important to know how to bring them back to life.

Why colour of love is red?

I know that I’ve never actually liked red. Everyone always said red suits me well and so on, but I'd always avoid it to the point where I'm not even keen to eat anything red. However, when it comes to all the love symbolism and St Valentines in particular red is everywhere and I am fine with that, I guess it's just in the culture. 

Anyway, this is not about me, so what is it about red that gets us all hot ‘n’ bothered for Valentine's day? Here are some fun facts on the history of this intense colour. You might want to talk about them on your date tonight as you sip red wine, enjoy a juicy red steak and devour a bowl of fresh red strawberries for dessert!
Don’t forget to re-apply your red lipstick!

5 places for hot sex at home apart from the bed

Has passion gripped you right in the kitchen? You, of course, are in a hurry to retreat to the bedroom. But wait a minute! Maybe there are still places in the house where sex will be even brighter and more interesting? We know the correct answer: of course! Moreover, atypical places for sex guarantee new emotions, positions and, of course, orgasm.

How to clean your sex toys

Vibrators and other adult toys give us great pleasure. And so that they do not start giving all sorts of nasties, they need to be cleaned in a timely manner. Our tips will help you do it according to all the rules and not spoil or damage anything.

Top 10 sex toys for men

I could sit here and write a massively long post about the best sex toys for men but who's gonna read that? Plus there are plenty of videos even on youtube that review sex toys... It is no laughing matter when it comes to choosing sex toys but I think a bit of humor never hurts so have a watch and have a laugh and hopefully, you'll find it useful as well... No, we did not make that video, but I wish we did..

Role play in bed: 5 hot scenarios

Sex play is a great release that removes blocks and clamps and releases accumulated tension. This is a good way to get to know each other better. Couples who practice it are less likely to complain about misunderstandings and everyday conflicts. Here are the rules and ideas for role-playing games.

Keep in mind - you will have to take the initiative into your own hands: your loved one may not offer a game, simply because he is afraid that you will misunderstand him. First, talk to your partner. Perhaps he will be frank about his fantasies. A negative reaction in men is extremely rare, usually they, if they do not show enthusiasm in the discussion, then at least express embarrassment or interest. Here are the basic rules for role-playing

Anal Sex and Anal Play How To

So you've decided to give anal sex a try, but you're probably not too sure about it as many of us are, will be painfull well yes and no, it's not extremely painful and it is far more pleasurable than painful if done right, so where to start.

First of all your anus doesn't have any natural lubrication so you will most definetly need a lubricant not just any lube will do, although any normal lube would work for insetion but it would not be suitable for an actual anal intercourse as it would get absorbed rather quickly and you'll end up feeling quite a lot of pain, which is not good, so if you are ready to give it a go it's best to start with anal lubricant in particular a numbing kind so you'd feel less pain and more pleasure, we recomment "Relax It Numb Your Bum Before You Succumb Lubricant 500 Ml".

How to choose the most suitable sex toy

Correctly selected sex paraphernalia will help diversify your intimate life both in case you have a partner and in the absence of a partner. Our catalogue is constantly updated with new products designed to significantly increase the strength of your sensations during sex or masturbation. Sex toys are constantly being improved, supplemented by new structural elements and modes. How to choose the best option when it comes to the first purchase of this kind?

How to choose lingerie for your partner

Christmas is upon us and a lot of us men will look to buy lingerie for our loved ones, this could turn into a disaster very quickly if your partner doesn't like what you've bought if it is too small or even worse too big, so let's make a few things clear.

First of all lingeries is not something you should buy for your new partner as that can be really misunderstood, in this case it's best to wait till next Christmas, unless you're really brave that is :)

For those who have been with their partners for a while married or not it might actually be difficult to get over the idea that buying lingerie for your partner is a bit wierd, but it actually is not, not at all, in fact it is a very romantic gesture and will probably go much smoother than you imaging, just make sure that they receive and open their present in privacy, you don't want any parents around, that will most definetly be a very embarrasing experience.

Benefits of BDSM

Nowadays, we have seen our mainstream cultures representing the world of BDSM (bondage, discipline, dominance, submission and sadomasochism) as potentially scary, daunting, reckless and dangerous. The likes of Fifty Shades of Grey have correlated kink with childhood trauma. I mean, only until as recent as 2013, if you participated in BDSM you were considered to have a mental health disorder. However, in recent years, we have seen the view on this lifestyle slowly but surely changing. BDSM has finally received the attention it is so deserving of. Yet back in 1956 studies revealed 55% of women and 50% of men enjoyed naughty biting!