Sexual Fetishes

112 Fetishes, Find yours on this list...

We have quite a collection of fetishes here, I was going to research each one but after trying to google a few things I decided I better not for obvious reasons, plus some of the fetishes listed on here a far beyond all legalities so it's best not to looks for those things online, each one has a shor description but that short description explains each of the fetishes in just enough details to get imagination racing. However some things are better left as just names...

Sexual Fetishes

The spectrum of sexual fetishes is great and they manifest themselves to each other in different ways. Some people are aroused by a part of the body that is traditionally not considered sexual, such as feet or hair. Others develop a lifestyle that allows them to live out their fetish temporarily or all day long. Fetishes and erotic lifestyles come in all shapes and variations, from ordinary to extreme.

Fetish - a sexual fixation that usually differs from those of the standard population or so they say, in fact according to survey 75 percent of those who has participated have at least one fetish, so we may conclude that having a sexual fetish is absolutely nurmal and if you have one or more fetishes you are part of the majority.

Here are some more common fetished

All about Latex

If you're new to buying and wearing latext clothing, we have a few pointers to help you prolong the lige of your pieces.

When your piece arrives it will not be shiny, it will be covered in talcum powder, this is done for postage and storage as it needs to be folded, you may choose to war your latex as is (not shiny) but if you want to to make yor latex shine you will need latext polishing spray or latex shine, it is very easy to use, basically just spray your garmet, and wipe down till it's nice and shiny.