Christmas Opening Hours and Posting Dates

Monday 20th Dec: Normal
Tuesday 21st Dec: Normal
Wednesday 22nd Dec: Normal
Thursday 23rd Dec: Normal
Friday 24th Dec Christmas Eve: CLOSED

Monday 27th Dec: CLOSED
Tuesday 28th Dec: CLOSED
Wednesday 29th Dec: OPEN. Dispatching orders. Phone lines closed.
Thursday 30th Dec: OPEN. Dispatching orders. Phone lines closed.
Friday 31st Dec New Years Eve: CLOSED

Monday 3rd Jan: CLOSED
Tuesday 4th Jan: OPEN as normal

Latex, PVC, PU Leather, Wetlook, Datex etc by Celene Nox

I was meaning to write an article about all of the different shiny materials (we sell lingerie made of those ;) we keep all of those under Fetish Lingerie Section), but then I came accross Celenes video on YouTube so I felt I should share, hope Celene won't mind.

Celenes YouTube channel is here: do check it out she has some great videos on there.

International Sex Holiday Calendar

Why not celebrate sex year-round? We have searched the internet and put toAfter a typical midnight kiss, why not take it from there to get your new year off to the best possible start? # 1 night of sexy parties every year. We may have ancient Rome to thank for our New Year's kiss (and more), Saturnalia in particular.gether a calendar with all the Sexolidays in one place, feel free to add in the comments if we missed anything.

Role play in bed: 5 hot scenarios

Sex play is a great release that removes blocks and clamps and releases accumulated tension. This is a good way to get to know each other better. Couples who practice it are less likely to complain about misunderstandings and everyday conflicts. Here are the rules and ideas for role-playing games.

Keep in mind - you will have to take the initiative into your own hands: your loved one may not offer a game, simply because he is afraid that you will misunderstand him. First, talk to your partner. Perhaps he will be frank about his fantasies. A negative reaction in men is extremely rare, usually they, if they do not show enthusiasm in the discussion, then at least express embarrassment or interest. Here are the basic rules for role-playing

Good News on Payment Processing

We have ourselves a brand new payment processor, which is great news for us and our customers! As we have had a few reports from our dear customers about not being able to make a payment on the website, what a disappointment that is. Well, it was due to some very technical issues with PayPal integration, due to all of the GDPR rules and regulations, some devices were not loading PayPal buttons so we put our heads together and got us a new payment processor onboard, the cost of that was, unfortunately, removing some of the product of the site, so no more pheromones.

Join our Affiliate Program and Earn

Hi everyone!

We thought we'd send out a reminder to everyone about our awesome affiliate program which can make you and us some extra money, we pay 15% of the order value to all our affiliates! I'll tell you a little secret, the order value we pay the commissions on is the value before the discounts are applied, so you can grab our discount codes and share them with your blog readers, social media followers, add affiliate links to your newsletters really anywhere we're happy to work with anyone who's willing to link to us through the affiliate links.

European Delays Update

We are receiving increased inquiries regarding parcels taking much longer into Europe. Particularly France, Spain, and Italy.

Corona Virus Pandemic is causing a delay as many postal services are working with reduced staff. Obviously places like Italy are on major lockdown so we would expect long delays.

For those of you who are choosing to purchase an untracked service for your order, we cannot offer any tracking or apply for compensation on your behalf if things do go wrong with the shipment. We can, of course, provide proof of dispatch if needed.

If you are worried we would strongly advise choosing a tracked service when shipping out of the UK.

COVID-19 Updtade 06.04.2020

We regret to inform you, but our suppliers of DreamGirl and Mapale lingerie have decided to close down until further notice due to the COVID19.

As a result, we are updating our store to reflect the changes, all of the DreamGirl and Mapale lingerie items will be out of stock for the foreseeable future.

We will still stock and sell all other brands as normal for now, please keep an eye on our blog and social media channels.

If you have placed an order with us for any of the Mapale or DreamGirl lingerie items which have become unavailable we will be contacting you shortly, we can either cancel the order and refund in full or we can do partial refund or we can replace and item with something similar in price.

Sexy Contours response to very un-sexy Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Hi All,

During the current difficult and uncertain times throughout the world in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic we wanted to share an update with you to address the questions and concerns we have been receiving from our customers.

We have already actioned our business continuity plan:

All our office staff memebers are working from home, nothing really changed here we are an online business and we are all working from home unless otherwise required, we will respond to your emails and and chats as normal for the most part but there could be small delays (no more than couple of hours).

Affiliate Program is now live

Good news everyone!

Our Affiliate Program is now live, finally after many weeks of negotiations and making changes and integrating their codes into our website and many many tests the affiliate program has been approved and is finally live! So if you'd like to sign up and easrn some cash from reffering users to us, you can sign up here, we will pay 15% on every order places via the affiliate network, plus as always there're discounts and discount vouchers to be shared with customers.

Sex Police

So called "sex police" - an unofficial term for people, who try to impose the sex realted rules onto others and society. In some cases, it gets as bad as denying the existance of sex to begin with. The Soviet Union had done this, but why? Why would people deny what seems to be natural and pleasurable? Why would some be interested in supressing creativity in sex or, for examle, an erotic famtsy being an appropriate topic during the family dinner? How can sex be inapropriate when everyone does it? After all, even is The Soviet Union, where sex did not officially exist, there were still kids being born, and condoms were being made and purchased (they weren't called condoms , but "rubber product number 2"). The Soviet Union fell as a result! :) Just kidding :)