Latex, PVC, PU Leather, Wetlook, Datex etc by Celene Nox

I was meaning to write an article about all of the different shiny materials (we sell lingerie made of those ;) we keep all of those under Fetish Lingerie Section), but then I came accross Celenes video on YouTube so I felt I should share, hope Celene won't mind.

Celenes YouTube channel is here: do check it out she has some great videos on there.

How to fix Latex Garments

So on the question of latex, it is a great material it can be worn as your daily outfit but some people may question that on the other hand, some people will not even realise what it is, it's stretchy it's shiny it looks dead sexy, it might seem tough but it's rather easy to damage the material especially when putting it on with nails on jewelry, so you do need to be careful when dressing up and using dressing aids is a good idea, if you don't have any talcum powder is a good call as long as you're not allergic to it, but in the heat of the moment when closes are being literally ripped off

All about Latex

If you're new to buying and wearing latext clothing, we have a few pointers to help you prolong the lige of your pieces.

When your piece arrives it will not be shiny, it will be covered in talcum powder, this is done for postage and storage as it needs to be folded, you may choose to war your latex as is (not shiny) but if you want to to make yor latex shine you will need latext polishing spray or latex shine, it is very easy to use, basically just spray your garmet, and wipe down till it's nice and shiny.