Erotic Confessions

Better than meditation

What could be better than meditation for relaxation, she thought ... Thoughts were confused in my head after a sleepless night, the brain was desperately trying to preserve at least some signs of vital activity, and hands, living their own lives, slowly pushed back their panties and looked for the cherished "button".

"It is unclear why to strain so much" thoughts were still spinning, "why torture yourself like that", "after all, you can just live easily ..." ...


Natasha stood on the edge of the sidewalk at the entrance to the metro, gusts of the warm June wind fiddled with the hem of her dark red dress, then lifting the soft fabric over her slender knees, then pressing it tightly against them. I pulled up next to her, opened the door of my office Fabia, and smiled, looking straight into Natasha's soft gray eyes. She got into the car, slammed the door, and rubbed her face against my shoulder.

Meeting Mistress Lucy

On the BDSM dating site, I found Mistress Lucy's profile and decided to write her a message. The lady answered me, found out how I see our meeting, rejected some of my "wishes", added from herself, and made an appointment for the next day.

At the appointed time, I stood by the car and waited for Lady Lucy. She came out in a light summer pink dress and ballet flats of the same color. Her lovely handles was a stylish little purse and a large gift bag.