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The Rabbit Vibrator That Promises ‘Double Orgasms’

No discussion about rabbit vibrators is complete without mention of that one Sex and the City scene. It goes this way: Charlotte purchases a sex toy, and in a very un-Charlotte style, she's in a split second taken with the multi-pronged gadget. ("Goodness, it's so adorable! I figured it would be frightening and peculiar, however, it isn't. It's pink! For young ladies!") She gets fixated on the toy and starts dropping designs to invest quality energy with her freshly discovered companion. The impact of the Rabbit was so incredible, actually, that the young ladies arrange an intercession.

How to choose the most suitable sex toy

Correctly selected sex paraphernalia will help diversify your intimate life both in case you have a partner and in the absence of a partner. Our catalogue is constantly updated with new products designed to significantly increase the strength of your sensations during sex or masturbation. Sex toys are constantly being improved, supplemented by new structural elements and modes. How to choose the best option when it comes to the first purchase of this kind?