SilkNatasha stood on the edge of the sidewalk at the entrance to the metro, gusts of the warm June wind fiddled with the hem of her dark red dress, then lifting the soft fabric over her slender knees, then pressing it tightly against them. I pulled up next to her, opened the door of my office Fabia, and smiled, looking straight into Natasha's soft gray eyes. She got into the car, slammed the door, and rubbed her face against my shoulder.

- Hello? I said inquiringly, frowning a little.

- Hello! ... ... - Natasha answered me, raising her eyes and smiling

- My good one.

- Let's go?

- Let's go, let's go.

I drove down the highway south out of town, and ten minutes later we turned onto a country road paved with smooth black asphalt. After another couple of minutes, I turned sharply to the right, and we rolled along the dirt road. On our left, a hill with dense thickets of bushes and tall strong pines towered above us, and on the right lay a meadow with a thin outline of a stream along the road. Having reached a fork, the right branch of which led up to the crest of a high hill, I stopped the car. Natasha and I got out and grabbing a small backpack from the trunk, we began to climb the path up.

Having got to the top, we walked another hundred meters forward along the ridge of the hill and stopped at the edge of the cliff. From this place, a view of the village, summer cottages, meadows, and a high blue sky opened up, on which several ragged cloud silhouettes froze in the hot summer air.

- Let's do it here? I asked.

- Yes, let's go here - Natasha agreed.

I removed my backpack from my shoulder and placed it at the trunk of a tall wild pear. Natasha stood next to it and looked into the distance, shielding her eyes from the sun with her right hand, and with her left hand resting on the lower back, so that the edge of her dress rose a little and revealed a piece of a pale thigh. City noise came in a steady and very quiet hum somewhere behind us. I took a deep breath and opened my backpack, took out a bottle of cold water, a leather belt, a strong white rope, and a transparent plastic box in which disposable needles lay together.

I took the rope, straightened it, and walked up to Natasha from behind, gently clasping her hands around her thin waist. It was very pleasant to hug her like this so tenderly, feeling the aroma of unsweetened floral perfume and some special scent of a young woman, from which my head was literally dizzy. Natasha grabbed the hem of her dress, and with a single movement took it off, threw it in front of her in the air, and did not pick it up, dropping the slipped fabric to her feet. Then Natasha stretched out her hands in front of her, I grabbed them with the rope three times, pulled the loop so that the hands were neatly and firmly fixed, and threw the other end of the rope over a long, high-set branch of an old branchy tree. Natasha's body stretched out, she sighed softly and stood on tiptoe. I loosened the rope, Natasha sank to her heels, and several times I wrapped the end of the rope around the tree trunk, securing our entire structure with a double knot.

- Let's start? I asked in a hoarse, agitated whisper.

- Let's start. - Natasha answered quietly, and her voice broke from the excitement on the last syllable.

I took a step away and froze, looking at the curve of Natasha's back, slender legs, and small round buttocks, the curves of which were repeated by the soft, shiny in the sun silk fabric of black panties. I folded the belt in half, slowly passed it through my fist, and without warning hit it hard, trying to hit the center of the ass.

- Mmmmaaaah! ... - Natasha either cried out with a sigh, or pushed the air out of her lungs loudly, and stood up on tiptoe, bending her whole body forward as far as the rope allowed. I stood and looked at her, spellbound by the surge of emotion from the sharp and unexpected pain. I caught my breath when I saw how at the edge of Natasha's panties the reddening contour from the first blow rises and gains volume. Natasha took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, noisily. I went up to her, dropped my belt to the ground, pressed my chest to her back, putting my palms on Natasha's chest, and immediately felt fast and strong heartbeats. The breasts were firm and heavy, the nipples soft and warm, I gently squeezed them and unclenched them again, and drove the tip of my nose along the hollow on Natasha's neck.

So we stood for about a minute. I picked up the belt that had fallen from my hands, and quietly asked Natasha:

- Are you ready?

- Yes. she replied in an even voice.

I waited a couple of seconds, as if not letting her know when I would strike the next blow, and hit hard and hard, hitting a little lower from the mark of the first blow.

Ummmmm! ... ... - Natasha cried out as she exhaled. She was still drawing high notes of scream when I struck her three more blows with swift strokes. My heart pounded with intoxicating admiration for Natasha's movements, I knelt down next to her, with both hands grabbed the elastic of her panties, pulled them down to Natasha's ankles, and pressed my cheek to her ass, touching the tip of my tongue to the swollen intersecting strips of skin.

At the metro, I slowed down, put my hand on Natasha's thin wrist, and kissed her hand. She glanced quickly at me and got out of the car. I looked after her until her silhouette was lost in the crowd of men and women hurrying home. The evening chill still did not come. I opened the window, lit a light, put out a cigarette after two puffs, and slowly drove home.


Image by Khusen Rustamov from Pixabay