Sexual Fetishes

Sexual Fetishes - ChainThe spectrum of sexual fetishes is great and they manifest themselves to each other in different ways. Some people are aroused by a part of the body that is traditionally not considered sexual, such as feet or hair. Others develop a lifestyle that allows them to live out their fetish temporarily or all day long. Fetishes and erotic lifestyles come in all shapes and variations, from ordinary to extreme.

Fetish - a sexual fixation that usually differs from those of the standard population or so they say, in fact according to survey 75 percent of those who has participated have at least one fetish, so we may conclude that having a sexual fetish is absolutely nurmal and if you have one or more fetishes you are part of the majority.

Here are some more common fetished:

1. Impact Play - Never thought that some one would call this anything other than spanking but here we are, as you may have guessed this is all about spanking, paddling, whipping and other forms of consensual striking. This is a form of BDSM, usually leads to exploring this deeper, now if you're a new to this and would like to try it make sure to agree the safety boundries with your partner, as safety and comfort are the most important aspects of the kink, and by comfort I mean what you're comfortable with, as some of BDSM play is far from comforting and will actually push your boundaries, but isn't that the beauty of it?

2. Role-Play - well I would say this is one of the more interesting soft fetishes, basically you and your partner can indulge in your fantasies be it a school girl role play secretary or doctor/nurse and patient role play. Role Plays is not limited to those those are just the classic scenarios
There are some rather controvertial scenarios out there as well, such as daddy and brat/princess play etc.

3. Foot Fetish - Foot Fetish or Foot Worship is one of the most common fetishes, this involves such acts as massaging, kissing and smelling.

4. Lingerie - this has to be the most common fetish that there is, this may show up in sexual play between individuals that do not even realse that they have a fetish or two and do not concider themselves kinky at all.
Many people get aroused by sexy lingerie but it is not really a fetish untill some one needs it to be present in the play in order fully engage or get off, a common lingerie fetish may onvolve stockings and garter belts.

5. Bondage (BDSM) - Is one partner restrains the other, this is a form of dominance and submissions. You can bind your parner using eveyday objects such as a belt or a tie, or you may purche specialty bondage restrains such as handcuffs, to engage in BDSM play safely it's best to establish some sefety boundaries possible stop words and start slow.