Sexual fantasies that women choose not to talk about

What sexual games are most often found in secret fantasies of women and in which women would never confess to their partner? You might be surprised!

Women love to dream, even in the sexual sphere. Some ideas may be on the verge of hardcore porn. But we don't like to talk about it and don't even trust our men. Maybe because of shame or fear of leaving us. There are some sexual fantasies about which it is difficult to tell your partner in between times. Check if you fall under one of these secret fantasies.

  1. Nude, bound, obedient - Sadomasochistic games are not taboo these days, but we still sometimes cannot tell our men about them. Or at least not all. And so we're happy with the fact that the culmination of rougher sex is being bedridden. But we want more. And so we imagine him slapping our ass with a leather strap and giving us various tasks that we must complete without question. The highlight is the dream of Fifty Shades style sex.
  2. Rape - Of course, we do not really want to survive the rape, but in our imagination we play a story in which a stranger comes to us and just takes what he wants. But this is badly talked about, because many people can interpret it in their own way, for example, so that we really want something like that. In real life, our partner's violent sex comes to mind when he just takes you in spite of your protests. But even here he must understand whether we are playing resistance or not.
  3. Sex with a lot of men - Now we do not mean classic threesome sex, to which we agree with two friends, but sex with many partners. It's just an idea that we keep in our climax. The idea that men gradually come to us and take what they want. But in fact, we would not do something like this just because of the diseases that we could get infected. But we have nothing against the idea, do we? Such beautiful dreams.
  4. Just for one - In our wildest dreams, we imagine that a man will only use us for one thing. For sex only, no love. We think that our beloved will come only when he wants us. But in reality, we crave love, so we prefer not to tell men about this vision.
  5. Sex with a woman - Bisexuality is not all that unique, but it is rarely realized. After all, we are not brave enough to go to bed with another woman. But we were there with her several times. If only men knew ... but we don't want to talk a lot about it, because then they would push us to realize our fantasies either in front of their eyes or with their participation. But we don't want to do this. Therefore, we prefer to remain in the plane of the imagination.