Sex Police

Sex PoliceSo called "sex police" - an unofficial term for people who try to impose the sex related rules onto others and society. In some cases, it gets as bad as denying the existance of sex to begin with. The Soviet Union had done this, but why? Why would people deny what seems to be natural and pleasurable? Why would some be interested in supressing creativity in sex or, for examle, an erotic famtsy being an appropriate topic during the family dinner? How can sex be inapropriate when everyone does it? After all, even is The Soviet Union, where sex did not officially exist, there were still kids being born, and condoms were being made and purchased (they weren't called condoms , but "rubber product number 2"). The Soviet Union fell as a result! :) Just kidding :)

But that was then, and what do we have now, in the 21st century? Performance to the best of one's abilities in any other recreational/creative spheres of human life is encouraged and praised by the societies, for evolution demands; however, still EXCEPT for sex. Really?!  Yep, strangely enough and unfortunately, nothing has changed much since, in my view - sex is still a massive taboo.

Sex is hidden, amoral, forbidden - my impression after experiencing the below:

Well, we kinda do talk more about it, but there are still those who try to empose rules on sex: mostly political and financial institutions. In the beginning of my new iniciation with the website project - an online sex shop - I did not know it would be such a problem to get accepted by a payment provider. One of the payment providers I chose has closed the account before the website even went live; at the same time, claiming they had a look at it and it was(1)  too explicit. But hold on, how did you manage to do that?.. ...At the time when the website was in "offline mode" for nearly 3 month  for development?

So here we are, we can now talk about sex, but no we can't sell dildos on the website, because payment providers see it as inappropriate. (2) The second given reason for their refusal to provide their services was "bondage products on the website"! So, it is ok to sell porn magazines in the shops, where kids go to buy sweets, but it is not ok to sell sex toys online?

Reflecting the social networks: it is cool to have naked women on their pages, but it is not cool to advertise lingerie there? I would understand, if there were any "inappropriate" body parts exposed, but come on, but here the model in the picture is well dressed, and not a hint of indecency. People are capable of being decent and have sex at the same time! And who decided, that certain body parts are inapropriate, anyway? How do we sue God for His inappropriate act and creation of God-like us, except for the times when we think about sex.

Was that decided be a religious lot, that claimed sex is only to be used for procreation? I disagree - Sex is not only for procreation and represents a very ejoyable physical, spiritual and very human expirience. People have been active at it from the very start, all of history is basically covered in sexual activities But for some odd reason,  the brightest civilised heads of our representatives at some point decided it was wrong, bad and horrible. So they decided: sex better not to be encouraged, let's regulate sex and impose few rules to remind the common who is in control of their sex life (and life full stop)?

Now, for some fun facts, not sure how true these are, I haven't checked - the dumbest sex related laws from around the world:

  1. In Canada, it’s now legal to engage in oral sex with your pet. - Not sure what should have happened to trigger the legal system to pass such a law.
  2. Massage Therapy is considered an adult, erotic service, and is banned in all zoning districts.
  3. It is legal for a man to divorce his wife if he finds out after marriage that she wasn’t a virgin.
  4. It is illegal for a man to have sex with a woman and her daughter at the same time.
  5. A woman may only have sex with her husband, and the first time this happens, her mother must be in the room to witness.
  6. A betrayed wife is legally allowed to kill her adulterous husband, but may only do so with her bare hands.
  7. Men are legally allowed to have sex with animals, but the animals must be female.
  8. Couples must wait at least 72 hours to be married, unless the man has raped the woman.
  9. The law required all women to prostitute themselves prior to marriage to gain sexual experience.
  10. It was illegal for cattle to mate in fields fronting public roads (Repealed).

I am sure, there are many more laws (outdated and not) attempting to regulate sex lives of the people. My question is: how would you enforce that? What if I get married, and the mother is not present in the room on the first night? In any case, a government of any kind has no right to impose and pressurise people as to what happens in their bedrooms; nor should the banks be able to refuse to provide services to the web shops or physical shops. How is it in the public interest for the institutions to dictate whether I am to do "it" with a dildo or a vibrator, or without one. After all, it is my money, and I spend it how I want - all products and activities are legal, so what is the problem, really?