Role play in bed: 5 hot scenarios

Role PlaySex play is a great release that removes blocks and clamps and releases accumulated tension. This is a good way to get to know each other better. Couples who practice it are less likely to complain about misunderstandings and everyday conflicts. Here are some rules and ideas for role-playing games.

Keep in mind - you will have to take the initiative into your own hands: your loved one may not offer a game, simply because he is afraid that you will misunderstand him. First, talk to your partner. Perhaps he will be frank about his fantasies. A negative reaction in men is extremely rare, usually they, if they do not show enthusiasm in the discussion, then at least express embarrassment or interest. Here are the basic rules for role-playing:

  1. Never dress up in front of each other. Only outside the "site".
  2. The game does not begin at the moment it starts, but eight or so hours before that. Send your partner a message similar to the following: "My beloved, desired (required name), I invite you to a game that you cannot refuse." And further develop the correspondence, depending on which scenario you have chosen. If you write suddenly: "I am waiting for you, my king," - most likely, he will have questions about what kind of king you are waiting for. And if the process of entering the game has already begun, impose a taboo on off-topic correspondence (no "Buy bread and milk").
  3. In the same way, the game should have an exit, the end - some kind of sexual activity. The worst option is to tease a man with messages and photos, and then change your mind. That is, it is worth taking on only if you are sure that you want to see the case through to the end.
  4. Think ahead about costumes and accessories. There is nothing worse than thinking convulsively during a game about replacing, for example, a nurse's stethoscope with something random.
  5. The character as a whole is more important than any accessories and costumes. You need to understand which character behavior is acceptable and which is not. The performer of the "dominant role" must remain so, including during the exit (that is, always be on top).
  6. Each of you adheres to the role without overstepping the boundaries. In the game, both participate voluntarily and for the sake of mutual pleasure, so if one of the partners becomes painful or unpleasant, everything stops. Moreover, this applies to games with a pronounced dominant role of a man or woman. Here, as in BDSM, the top takes responsibility for the bottom.


The Doctor

No, this is not a nurse. In contrast to her, the "doctor" is the dominant character. And her behavior is appropriate. So, you send the first SMS, the man responds with interest. Then write to him: "We remind you that you have an appointment with the sexuality doctor (your name), we are waiting for you at (time) at (your address)." The “doctor” must be strict, she conducts an “examination”, putting the man in the position of a submissive. The end of the game, unlike many others, is not penetrative sex, but a prostate massage (in the case of a nurse, it would be a blow job). Purpose of the game: many men have hidden desires, including being in a bottom position. This game will give him this opportunity, while not hurting his masculine attitudes.

The prostitute

It would seem that the scenario is well-known. He is a client, she fulfills all his desires. But when in the course of the training we analyze the experience of the guests, it turns out that they make the same basic mistake.

Come on: this is not about sex in exchange for money. This is a game about carte blanche for any kind of sex a man wants (or the one that you specify in the SMS: "You ordered ..."). It is about brightness, an opportunity for yourself to get indulgence for "dirty" actions that you usually do not allow yourself. But what to do with the money?

We advise the following: open a safe bank account and put the "profit" there. If you practice this game regularly (and in this scenario, as a rule, many people stop, since there is a lot of room for variations in it), after a while a certain amount will accumulate. Spend it on the two of you - for example, on a trip or a car, whatever will bring you joy and pleasure. Having disposed of this money in this way, on the one hand, you will not break the rules of the game (take the money), and on the other hand, you will not reduce the closeness with your loved one to everyday prostitution (I give you sex - you pay me).

The Schoolgirl

Male-dominated scenario. He determines the place, time, and so on. He also writes the first engaging SMS. Then he sends a message: “Your sex teacher (partner's name) reminds you of additional activities (place, time). Your answer: “What is the topic of the lesson? Mathematics, computer science, special disciplines? " - and you get, for example, the answer: "Mathematics and oral skills." During the game, your partner can punish the "negligent student" who could not solve the integral: slap on the butt or put you in a corner. At the same time, partners do not touch each other's erogenous zones for a long time in order to increase tension.

Many men give feedback very hard, that is, they practically do not say what they would like. And the scenario in which the teacher corrects the student, "teaches" her sex, just helps to get "feedback" and bring your intimacy to a new level.

Military / private

This is a fairly simple game dominated by a woman. After the installation SMS, you send a message: “Private (name), you are being drafted for military-sexual service in the military unit (address). Arrival time…"

The game is built on a system of penalties and bonuses. The woman alternately gives the partner feasible and impracticable tasks. For an unfulfilled task, a man must be punished - for example, with a couple of blows with a whip. Encouragement - all kinds of affection. During sex, you stay on top.

Supreme Deity (Roman Theme)

The game is suitable for those who are already imbued with role-playing games because it lasts three days. All this time, a man is in the position of a god, and a woman serves him, not as a slave, but as a goddess, just lower in rank. As an example - Zeus and Hera. Zeus is in any case the supreme deity.

The exit from the game is especially interesting. You can't just play for three days and then finish everything calmly. On the third day, you say to the man: “My god, circumstances (you come up with any mythical ones like the birth of a new deity, for whom you should be a nanny) make me leave you. Let me". And he permits, but, in addition to allowing, he must give you a letter of recommendation - in it, he describes all your positive qualities. Then you get into a taxi, leave, change clothes and return in a couple of hours as if nothing had happened.

The game will allow a man to realize his hidden desires, having done it, albeit from above, but respectfully - you are a goddess! And by writing “recommendations” after a three-day play trance, your partner will once again tell himself how unrealistically good you are together.