Non Monogamous Relationships

Non Monogamous Relationships
Photo by Jasmine Wallace Carter from Pexels

From an early age, we have been taught that monogamy is the only acceptable form of a relationship and that we should all be with a partner whom only wants each other. Nowadays the taboo stigma around non monogamous relationships is fading into the distance, and we welcome a new era of acceptance around non monogamous relationships. 


What is monogamy? 

Monogamy is where a person has a relationship with one single partner at a time. The couple only have sex, intimacy, love and affection with each other. 

What is non monogamy? 

Non monogamy is essentially classed as an umbrella term. This term is used to describe literally any relationship that is not monogamous. Essentially any relationship where there are more than two people engaging in sexual and romantic bonds, whether temporarily or ongoing, can be considered non-monogamous.


Types of Monogamy 

Monogamish - People who are in a monogamish relationship generally follow the rules of monogamy, but sometimes exceptions are made for sex. This could be something the cpuple engages in together or separately, but usually isn’t an ongoing occurence. 

Swinging -  Swinging is basically two couples who like to trade or switch partners for a period of time to engage in sexual acts or sex itself. Usually this takes place at an arranged event or venue like a sex club or swingers party.

 Group Sex - Group sex is essentially any type of sexual act that involves more than 2 people, such as threesomes, orgies etc. 

Friends with Benefits - These are usually not official relationships, casual sexual relationships and friends with benefits do actually have many of the same arrangements as other open relationship styles. While partners don’t usually consider themselves “together”, they do engage in sexual activities with one another while also allowing their partner to do the same. Usually these relationships focus on the sexual elements and aren’t so much about love and intimacy.7

Open Relationships - This is a couple who actively engage in sexual activities with others. 

Polyamory - Polyamory can be a relationship style or a personal identification. People who are polyamorous have multiple sexual and romantic partners. Sometimes people will have primary partners or their main relationship, of which they then have additional partners to compliment this arrangement.





Being concerned about introducing a non monogamous element into your relationship can be really concerning and worrying for some, and thats totally normal. The great thing about a non monogamous relationship is that you get to make all of the rules and base them on what works for your relationship. The key to making it work is being open, honest an transparent with your partner. Communication in this kind of set up is key.