Meeting Mistress Lucy

On the BDSM dating site, I found Mistress Lucy's profile and decided to write her a message. The lady answered me, found out how I see our meeting, rejected some of my "wishes", added from herself, and made an appointment for the next day.

At the appointed time, I stood by the car and waited for Lady Lucy. She came out in a light summer pink dress and ballet flats of the same color. Her lovely handles was a stylish little purse and a large gift bag.

I helped the Lady get into the car and we drove to the apartment. Even before the meeting, Mrs. Lucy ordered me to prepare for the session. In the car, I was already sitting with a chastity belt on and the Lady immediately ordered me to lower my pants. She took the key to the lock and attached it to a chain on her leg.

The lady began to ask me how long ago I put on the belt, how my feelings in it, and then began to pull the chastity belt and pull me by the balls. Mrs. Lucy said that she is very fond of tight blue eggs.

From wild excitement, I began to shake and threw in a fever, the air conditioner did not help at all.

And the Lady continued to indulge. She asked me about all the details of my intimate life with my wife (it was agreed in advance that I had no secrets on this topic from the Lady), during the conversation, the Lady pulled me by the balls, spanked them, slapped me on the back of the head and slaps in the face, grabbed my neck.

When we arrived at the house where I booked an apartment for a day, it turned out that the realtor girl had not come yet. Mrs. Lucy and I stood and waited. After 10 minutes, the Lady's patience ran out. The realtor said that she would not be there for another 20 minutes. The lady ordered to go to the car. There She ordered to move both front seats back, I got down on the rug on my knees, and she put her legs on the driver's seat. The mistress ordered to lick the soles of her ballet flats to perfect cleanliness and said that when we get into the apartment, I will be punished for the poor preparation of the meeting.

After 20 minutes, the soles of the Lady's ballet flats were absolutely clean, and the realtor was not there.

Mrs. Lucy said that our meeting was over and that I would take her home. She values ​​her time, has a bunch of things to do, and just has to sit and wait.

I begged her to wait for a little longer, said that I was ready to be punished and do whatever she wanted. Mrs. Lucy said that I should put an increased tribute to her legs, suffer severe punishment, and then fulfill Her every desire.

To somehow unwind, we went to a park nearby, where the Lady arranged a small photo session for herself. The Mistress watched every photo and video and for every disliking, I received a slap in the face right in the park.

Finally, the realtor called and said that she was there, we could come. Ms. Lucy said that part of my punishment for waiting would be to "show the roles" in front of the realtor girl. I must unquestioningly follow the orders of the Lady in the presence of a realtor.

At the meeting, the Lady greeted the realtor, introduced herself, and introduced me: "and this is my slave."

The girl was shocked but said nothing. In the elevator, the Mistress ordered me to kneel face down in the corner and explained to the girl that I would go to any humiliation for the sake of my Mistress.

The girl asked not to involve her in these games, she is not interested. Mrs. Lucy asked: "Then just ignore this, bear with me for a few minutes." In the corridor, I was allowed to walk on my feet, but immediately in the apartment, there was an order to fall on my knees and take Ladys shoes off.

I was on my knees in the hallway while the Lady looked around the apartment. After that, without getting up from my knees, I paid for the day and the realtor girl left.

I continued to kneel, and the Lady was somewhere in the room. About 5 minutes later She came out and threw me a small bag: "When I leave the bathroom, you must wait for me on your knees in these clothes. The bag contained women's clothes - a short transparent peignoir, panties, and stockings. Everything is black.

I managed to change. Mrs. Lucy came out, walked around me, looked: a good bitch turned out. Then she gave me a strong slap on the head: crawl into the room! While I crawled Mrs. Lucy kicked me, urging me on.

In the room, She sat down on the bed and showed me the place in front of her: show me your balls. Are they blue? I love blue eggs. And even more, I love to beat blue eggs. And today I will come off in full. But not now, it's too early.

First, we will stretch. Lick your Lady's legs! Good lick, I licked, and the Lady enjoyed and played, substituted different parts of her feet, shoved me in the face, thrust her legs into my mouth.

After that, Mrs. Lucy ordered me to spread my legs wider than my shoulders, with my hands resting on the floor as if I was to do push-ups. The lady took a multi-tail whip out of the bag and began to flog me.

Then the whip changed to a paddle and my buttocks were on fire.

Having warmed up a little, the Lady moved on to her favorite work.

She ordered the chastity belt removed and began torturing my balls. At first, She twisted them and pulled them back, spanked them with her palm, then moved on to light blows with her foot. Then the beautiful leg of the Lady changed to a paddle, and then again the leg, but in full force. Mrs. Lucy put me on all fours with legs wide apart and wholeheartedly beat me in the balls. When I could not stand it and fell, the Lady began to trample and whip me.

When I could no longer get up, the Lady took a strap-on from the bag and put it on herself. She knew that my hole was virgin and She wanted to be the first one who fucked me. - Do you want to serve your Lady and show your devotion?

“Very much, Lady Lucy. - Then I want you to give your virginity to me. Lubricate your strap-on and your ass ... That's right, well done, - the lady sat down in a chair, - and now come to my arms, sit down like a lustful bitch and sit on my dick!

It was very difficult to carry out that order, I did not know how to do it and the anus hurt a lot.

The lady looked into my eyes and said that She didn’t need such a worthless slave if I couldn’t sit on a dick for Her.

I tried very hard and in the end I succeeded, I sat on a strap-on. - Good girl! Good bitch! Now go, whore! Fuck yourself!

With tears in my eyes, I began to move up and down, and the Lady strangled me, looking into my eyes and sometimes weighed out loud slaps in the face.

After a while, the Lady ordered me to lie on the bed on my stomach. First, I got a whipping in the ass and back with a belt, and then the Mistress entered me again and raped me.

When she got tired, She kicked me out of bed with her legs, said to bring Her ballet shoes. Then I had to bury my nose inside the Lady's shoes and breathe Her wonderful scent, my chest pressed to the floor, and my ass was lifted up. In this position, I had to jerk off, the Lady flogged me with a belt on the ass and counted. On the count of 10, I had to finish. Mrs. Lucy counted very slowly and I could hardly endure the right moment, and then exploded into a powerful orgasm.

Immediately after that, I received a strong kick in the balls and fell to the floor. The lady ordered to lick the floor after herself, and then put on a chastity belt.

As punishment for waiting, I am forbidden to remove my belt until the Lady's permission. Even at home. You can start asking for a film no earlier than the next day after the meeting.

At any time, the Lady can demand from me a photo or video report, which must be provided no later than 5 minutes later, otherwise, the punishment will be extended. Mistress Lucy said I was a low-quality slave, but if I tried hard, She would take me to train and raise a real bitch. When I was leaving the apartment, the Mistress decided to walk me to the elevator. I crawled along the corridor behind her and kissed her feet near the elevator for about 5 minutes, after which She took me on a good journey with a savory kick.