Male erogenous zones guide: become a real fury of passion for him!

A woman's body is a continuous erogenous zone. But the erogenous zones of a man have a well-defined location. What - find out in our article.

The main erogenous zone of a man is the brain, regardless of how you stimulate it - the main thing is for the man to be pleased. Jokes aside, the erogenous zones are distinguished between basic and suberogenic.

Main erogenous zones


The main erogenous zones of a man are on the penis - this is primarily the head, wedding groove, suture and scrotum. In addition, the erogenous zones of the penis include the urethral lips, penis cheeks, valves at the base of the penis, point A, etc.

Erogenous zones are stimulated only by stroking movements, preferably with the whole palm. Use a silicone lubricant for all stimulation here - it takes longer to dry than water and provides a great glide.

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The scrotum often turns out to be a stumbling block - if the girl even more or less knows how to properly stimulate the penis, then a stupor occurs with the scrotum.

First of all, you need to know that there are as many as 7 erogenous zones on the scrotum: the right and left parts of the lower side, the left and right parts of the upper side, the left and right sides, the shovel. In order not to lose an erection, you can not shake the scrotum and make fingering movements. For better stimulation, use a lubricant too.

During the stimulation of the erogenous zones, it is important not to try to imitate his own hand - the movements that a man performs during masturbation are designed to get a quick orgasm, but not deep pleasure.

Also, don't forget the simple rules:

  • The head loves emphasis and push.
  • The penis should always feel a tight girth.
  • You cannot interrupt contact with the body - as soon as you remove your hand, the arousal will subside.
  • Do not overtighten the "skin"- it will cause pain.

Erogenous zones can often be dormant and need to be "awakened".

Suberogenic zones

The suberogenic zones of a man are the pubis, neck, ears, the inner surface of the arms and legs, the area around the nipples and navel, fingers and toes.

Suberogenic zones can be stimulated with various movements from pressing to light movements of the puff or fingertips. It is important to mix the movements, otherwise the sensitivity is lost, it is also better to use massage oil. You can also use your breath, sometimes cold, sometimes hot.

The feet are the most hidden suberogenic zone of a man. In petting, they are usually bypassed, although many points are concentrated on them, responsible for erection, production of semen and pleasure. A woman who can please a man through a foot massage will be remembered by him forever.

Start your foot massage with ablution. Then dry them with a towel. Movements should go from top to bottom, to your fingertips. Using massage oil, massage your feet well. Try to perform the simplest manual techniques on a man's toes. The easiest to perform here is the Dancer technique: we squeeze a finger (usually a penis, but once a foot massage, then a finger) between the bent middle and forefingers of our hand, with a slight twisting motion we reach the end, turn, go down and so on.

The foot massage does not symbolize submission or humiliation - rather, an extreme degree of care and trust. After all, we take care of our own feet, right? And showing tenderness to a man's feet, we seem to tell him that we accept him entirely - along with his heels.