Lubricant and no friction in relationships

Lubricant and no friction in relationshipsThe subject of love excites the minds of all people on the planet. What then is human life without this feeling. Since the topic is intimate, it is one thing to read novels or watch films, and quite another to experience this feeling in adulthood. After all, an attitude is not only feelings (although this side of the issue is the component without which there can be no love). But a harmonious relationship should be in everything. Problems in intimacy should always be solved so as not to overshadow high feelings.

Trust and chatting about sensitive topics.

Real relationships are psychologically complex. The inner world of a person is very ambiguous. This is despite the fact that each of us is not like the other. It is true that this is the beauty of our fellowship. It's great when people are not afraid to tell each other about the problems that arise during sex. This indicates:

that there is love between people;

that there is mutual trust;

that there is a desire to keep the relationship at an excellent level.

When a couple experiences discomfort in intimacy, it is not worth keeping silent about it at all. Intimacy should leave only vivid impressions.

Lubricants to help the lovers.

Latin gave us the word lubrico, and we use it to mean anything that slides. And since all this concerns gels and various lubricants, then these are sex lubricants. It is not at all shameful to use such lubricants. A man may think that a woman is not attracted to him. Such a statement cannot be categorical. In our intense life, the reason may be commonplace fatigue. An attentive man should treat such a situation with understanding. And to extract from it the opportunity to add some notes of playfulness. After all, this is an unusual element in love games, which can be a factor of novelty in a relationship.

The subtleties of using lubricants

The lubricant is applied to the genitals of both partners. It is better to remove excess lubricant after intimacy. Despite its hypoallergenicity, you should not risk it and wait for it to enter the bloodstream. Contraceptive smears are certainly good, but still, use them in combination with other contraceptives. Lovers of anal sex should use special anal lubricants specially designed for this. Interestingly, lubricants are also available for oral sex. In any case, saving on love is not worth it at all, because this is the best thing we have in life.