Just 3 questions that will instantly determine if your relationship has a future: psychological test

French psychologist Maria Jameson has been advising married couples for 15 years. On the basis of her conversations, she revealed that similar types of people still get along better than very different ones. Only people with similar outlooks on life can boast of an ideal relationship. No, that doesn't mean you both have to love cooking or football. But there are basic things that should be similar, like temperament. Otherwise, the unbreakable union will not last long.

Based on her observations, Dr. Jameson wrote a scientific paper where she identified three main questions that lovers should ask themselves before starting a life together. The more general answers you have, the better. No, this does not mean that in case of different answers, you urgently need to scatter, you just have to work hard to keep the relationship. Unlike those who have the same answers, for these lucky people, life together is likely to be easy and pleasant, because their temperaments are the same. And don't worry if your compatibility test fails. Remember - there are always exceptions to every rule.

So what are these questions?

  1. Would you like to travel the world in a motorhome? - Test question that reveals your character. If you are dreaming about traveling in a campervan, most likely you are closed and reserved. People who love communication will dream of such a voyage only in a nightmare. So the saying "with a lovely paradise and in a hut" sounds like a threat to them. Even if such a person is happy with you, he needs communication with other people, his own circle and his personal space.
  2. Do you love horror movies? - The answer to this question will make it clear whether your partner has enough adrenaline in life or not. Usually people prone to anxiety, adventures and risky sports (climbers, divers, skydivers) do not like horror movies - they either depend on adrenaline, which they are used to getting in life, or are so anxious that they do not want to experience stress during watching horror films. For an ordinary person, to get a dose of adrenaline, it is enough to watch the channel "Discovery" or "These strange things." So if he votes for science fiction or detective stories, and you votes for horror, you are not on the way.
  3. Would you like to live in a village or in a city? - Everything is obvious here - this is the simplest compatibility test. A person who dreams of a quiet country house will never understand someone who does not see himself without a noisy metropolis. Do you know people who, even on weekends, find a thousand things to do and only come home to spend the night? This is how difficult it is to get along with couch potatoes and introverts in a house on the shore of a wild lake. But, perhaps, you will agree on an alternative - you will spend your youth in the center of the city, and in your old age you will leave for a quiet place.