International Sex Holiday Calendar

International Sexy Holiday CalendarWhy not celebrate sex year-round? We have searched the internet and put together a calendar with all the Sexolidays in one place, feel free to add in the comments if we missed anything. I have made a few posts before, trying to commit to posting an article for each of the Sex Positive dates but with all of the stuff that's going on, for now, I am managing the whole website and all of the jobs related on my own, went from a family business down to a one-man band for now. Anyways let's get into it:



  • Jan. 1: New Year’s Day: After a typical midnight kiss, why not take it from there to get your new year off to the best possible start? # 1 night of sexy parties every year. We may have ancient Rome to thank for our New Year's kiss (and more), Saturnalia in particular.
  • Jan. 13: Shower Together Day: Clean and environmentally friendly, right? Some people call it "Sex in the Shower Day."
  • Jan 15: Fetish Day: Enjoy all of the non-vanilla yummy stuff that's going to get you off. BDSM, games, dresses, legs, it's all a fair game on Jan. 15. There's even an insane questionnaire that you can take to help you recognise your favourite fetish.


  • Feb. 7: Work Naked Day: Created to stress the warmth of working from home, but now that so many of us are working from home, maybe it's time to take this holiday more literally.
  • Feb. 14: Valentine’s Day: It's also the # 1 holiday for romance and sex. And safe sex — the whole week has been declared National Condom Week.


  • Mar. 3: Threesome Day: The idea of celebrating threesomes on a given day bounces across the Internet, but the day remains in dispute. It's apt 3/3.
  • Mar. 14: Steak and Blowjob Day: This is intended to repay the effort that went into Valentine's Day without all commercialization. My guess is that some guy just wanted a steak and a blowjob, went a long way to sell it, and we all owe that guy a debt of gratitude.


  • Apr. 14: Cake and Cunnilingus Day: Why are the cocks having all the fun? Not to be outdone by Steak & BJ Day, a month later we 're now concentrating on pussies. And, yeah, cake! Ideally, all participants are eating at the same time.
  • Apr. 16: National Horny Day: We 're going through the Horniness Revolution, according to Vanity Fair. And we've got a day for it. The Urban Dictionary says that on this day, the horny among us will "ask someone for any sexual material (nudes) and/or action."
  • Apr. 18: Anal Sex Day: In case you didn't remember, Jim Jeffries is a filthy comedian. And, it turns out, it's a trend-setter. I'm not going as far as Vice's Kara Crabb and declaring that girls can only have anal sex, but at the very least, the variety is the spice of life.
  • Apr. 24: Lingerie Day: Wear something sexy, or make your own slutty underwear if you're crafty.


  • May is the month of masturbation. If you have to restrict yourself to one day (and why would you?), Wikipedia says it's May 28. This masturbation holiday started in 1995 after the departure of Surgeon General Joyce Elders for proposing that masturbation should be included in the sex education curriculum. Masturbation Day was the brainchild of the vibrator seller Good Vibrations — sounds a little self-serving.
  • May 1: May Day: A popular heathen spring ritual, and for many, it may just be an original sex party celebrating fertility. It's also No Pants Day, where people go in public and behave like this is the new standard.
  • May 5: Make Out Day: Aka "The Big Smooch." It's also Cinco de Mayo; could the free-flowing tequila have anything to do with making this holiday?
  • May 8: Outdoor Intercourse Day: Take advantage of favourable weather conditions. It's a day to get out into the great outdoors and do the wrong thing. But if you're a fan of Jonathan Coulton, you could start a little sooner ("because it's May 1st, May 1st, Outdoor fucking begins today").
  • May 14: Online Romance Day: dates back to 1999. Have we even had "internet" back then? Apparently, we did it, and we've already been jiggy with it.


  • June is LGBTQ Pride Month.

  • June 2: Sex Workers Day: A day to honour those who give all year long and to ensure that sex workers are protected and not abused or wrongly criminalised.

  • June 9: 69 Day (aka Sex Day or Fuck Day): Of course, 6/9 is a sex day. May you and your partner appreciate it in the same way.

  • June 12: Eat Ass Day: People seem to be looking for a day to celebrate the anilingus, but have not found a consensus as to when. If you like the ass, not all that much, you 're going to have to wait until October 17th.

  • June 14: Nudity Day: Being naked has many advantages, and here's a day for you to enjoy all of them.

  • June 20: National Public Display of Affection Day: Psychology Today put it best: "Celebrate the very human desire to grope, fondle, and kiss each other in the company of slightly offended strangers."

  • June 21: World Kamasutra Day: The 21st of June is the longest day of the year. How many sexual positions could you enjoy? Isn't that going to be a month?

  • June 22: No Panty Day: Twitter loves this one, and who can blame it? Enjoy the feeling of independence that comes with the commando.


  • July 6: Kissing Day: Did you know that kissing requires the use of 34 of your 42 facial muscles? It's time to give them a workout. Pucker up, ladies and gents!
  • July 21: Handjob Day: People say that Japan is responsible for this. Domo arigato, Japan!
  • July 24: BDSM Day: It's been a day to celebrate BDSM since 2003. What exactly is the celebration of B, D, S & M? In modern words, some of the letters are dual-duty, as the word today commonly applies to slavery (the consensual one) & restraint, domination & submission, and sadism & masochism.
  • July 31: National Orgasm Day: Orgasms alleviate stress, minimise heart disease, and allow you to live longer. We need to have more of them!


  • August is Romance Awareness Month Intimacy is sexy, and this is a month to get down and intimate, and maybe have some fun sexting with your partner all month.
  • Aug. 5: National Underwear Day: A day to remember and enjoy your unmentionables.
  • Aug. 13: International Swingers Day: if you have let this much of the year go by without joining an orgy, this could be the day.
  • Aug. 23: Go Topless Day: Why is it okay for men to go topless, but not for women? It may even have to be favoured, might not happen in Scotland but, weather here is a little unpredictable at best


  • September is Pleasure Your Mate Month Emphasize the word "pleasure." If you and your friend weren't related enough in August, here's your second chance.
  • Sept. 4: World Sexual Health Day: Time to have these honest talks about sex and sexuality, and maybe do something about it.
  • Sept. 6: European Sex Day: For the same reason that the Americans find June 9 fitting, at least some Europeans, where they write the day before the month, use September 6 (6/9) as their sex day.
  • Sep. 23: Bisexuality Day: Whether you're bisexual, or if you only find bisexuality sexy, today is a day for you.
  • Sep. 26: Love Note Day: Or step it up a notch and write your lover some personalised erotica.


  • Oct. 1: Massage Day: If you're a tactile individual, that's your month. Oct. 1 kicks off the month of Pro-Touch Recognition. Who's up for a happy ending?
  • Oct. 6: Kink Day: How's it different from the Fetish Day? It's coming later in the year! Kink defines something sexually enticing that is out of the ordinary, whereas a fetish might be needed to enjoy sex. As holidays go, it's another day to indulge all your unorthodox wishes.
  • Oct. 17: Ass Day: Don’t let yourself fall behind on this holiday, or maybe do.
  • Oct. 21: International Fisting Day: Probably the most precise and extreme day to make this list, its advocates urge people to "celebrate this cherished (by some) and controversial sexual act." Get some proper Lube for this one
  • Oct. 31: Halloween: If you are not getting freaky on Halloween, you are doing it wrong.


  • Nov. 4: Sex Toy Day: Time to play with the most fun toys you have. A little toy-enhanced playtime may be just what you need just before the bonfire night.
  • Nov. 23: Polyamory Day: Thanks to Canada, we've got an official day to celebrate these "more than two" relationships.
  • Saturday After Thanksgiving: this one is a little more American but since we started adopting the Thanksgiving I've decided it should be included on here: Spanksgiving - Spanking is fun and sexy, and there are even classes on how to do it right.


  • Dec. 22: Global Orgasm Day: Coinciding with the winter solstice, it's time for an orgasm ... for harmony! Organizers say, "The goal of the Global Orgasm is to trigger the change in the energy field of the Planet through the contribution of the greatest possible surge of human energy."
  • Dec. 31: New Years’ Eve: End the year (or launch the new year) with a bang. Technically conventional, we have to wait for a new year to kiss (and more), which is Jan. 1, so consider Dec. 31 foreplay. Leading to the ball drop, New Year's Eve is the biggest surprise of the year.

If I missed anything please let me know in the comments below