How to fix Latex Garments

So on the question of latex, it is a great material it can be worn as your daily outfit but some people may question that on the other hand, some people will not even realise what it is, it's stretchy it's shiny it looks dead sexy, it might seem tough but it's rather easy to damage the material especially when putting it on with nails on jewelry, so you do need to be careful when dressing up and using dressing aids is a good idea, if you don't have any talcum powder is a good call as long as you're not allergic to it, but in the heat of the moment when closes are being literally ripped off you by your partner one doesn't really think about being careful with the garments so what do you do if you've managed to damage your favorite outfit?

Well unlike other materials latex is quite easy to fix, you will need the following things:

1. Latex milk (Latex glue)

2. Some latex pieces enough to cover the damaged part.

3. Latex cleaner, well a degreaser of some sort

4. Cotton pad or a cotton bud to apply the degreaser

5. Glue applicator of some kind I like to use Plastic Glue Spreader

6. Seam Roller the same one you'd use for wallpaper

7. Rotary Cutter well that's in an ideal world but scissors will do the job as well as long as you don't need to cut too much latex, I've tried using scissors to cut latex but I couldn't keep them straight enough to make a smooth line so it split again on the next use

So now if you've got everything you need, prepare a workplace, any tabletop will do or any other flat surface.

Turn your garment inside out, put a bit of clean paper on the inside if you are fixing the damage somewhere where it is not possible to keep the material flat and it needs to be laid over the other parts, the paper will prevent the latex to sticking to the wrong side, oh and do make sure you're in a well-ventilated room as cleaner and latex milk to have quite a scent and are quite toxic.

So once you've laid out your latex garment as flat as possible measure out how much latex you need to patch the damage clean the sides of the patch and the garment where patch will be applied with a cleaning agent (I actually use paint thinner works a treat), do not apply too much as latex might start rolling upon itself and will stick to itself and it'll be very difficult to separate it, let it dry for about 10 minutes, after that apply latex milk to the cleaned surfaces on both your garment and the patch, let it dry once again before attaching the patch, it should be dry to the touch usually takes no more than 10 minutes (I am quite an impatient person so I stick things together as soon as I apply the glue still works but it is recommended to wait). very carefully apply your patch, make sure to apply it in the right position as it will be very difficult to separate it from the garment as soon as it touches, once the patch is applied take the seam roller and roll it over the patch while pressing down as hard as you can, this will eliminate the air bubble which may have formed while applying the patch, once that's done clean the surrounding area with latex cleaner, it will dissolve and remove the excess glue.

At this point the garment is ready to wear once again, you can put it on right away there's no need to wait as the glue will already be set... Enjoy :)

P.S. When I buy new Latex Clothing I do like to reinforce seams as I do like my latex outfits to be as tight as possible I do rip them quite often, also a good idea is to avoid using oils as lubricants while wearing latex, as latex is a natural product it will dissolve in oils and will rip quite quickly.

Glue SpreaderRotary Cutterseam roller