How to diversify sex

How to diversify sexSex is a topic for reflection that is always relevant and exciting for a large number of people. Sex should only bring bright and positive emotions. If this is not the case or there is no sex at all, this is always an alarming sign. Indeed, in this case, all other spheres of a person's life begin to limp. People who are 100 percent sexually satisfied always stand out from the crowd. It is to achieve the same result that today always relevant advice will be offered on the topic of how to give the intimate sphere of life more fire and variety.

Why does sex become uninteresting and boring? It's simple. The behavior of partners becomes more than predictable over time. And therein lies the whole problem. To make sex more vivid and unpredictable, you need to change your behavior, appearance and state. To translate this goal into reality, you can heed the tips below. You can change your outfits and underwear. You can wear different makeup and body fragrances. Men in this sense also should not standstill. For them, there is a rather large selection of sexy lingerie, outfits, costumes, masks. Particularly advanced males generally practice dressing up in women's outfits.

How do I change my state? In fact, everything is simple. You just need to be different. To do this, sometimes you can prove yourself as modest, sometimes you can be passionate and even depraved. Sometimes you can awaken a state of dominance or submission in yourself. The most important thing is that the partner cannot predict what awaits him today in sex.

It is equally important to change locations sometimes. It is completely wrong to make love only at home and only in bed. You can stick to each other in a crowded place, in a cinema, in a car, wherever imagination and courage allow.

Sex will be a little new and different if you buy new toys for adults. Especially advanced people are ready to buy rubber dolls to fulfill their fantasies or some kind of perversion.

The embodiment of sexual fantasies is another important component of bright and crazy sex. A huge number of women and men fantasize about having threesomes, about an orgy, or about having sex with a gay person. If both parties to the relationship want this, you need to start implementing your ideas.

Bringing something new to intimate life, there is a sparkle in the eyes. People who are completely and completely satisfied very easily find strength in themselves for new impulses, desires and actions.