How to clean your sex toys

Vibrators and other adult toys give us great pleasure. And so that they do not start giving all sorts of nasties, they need to be cleaned in a timely manner. Our tips will help you do it according to all the rules and not spoil or damage anything.

Different materials require a different approach

Although most common sex toys are made of silicone and plastic, don't wash them together - take a little more time and wash them separately. Almost all toys can be washed with plain water and regular soap. This applies to products made of silicone, glass, steel, leather, and plastic.

Don't forget about the electric components!

If the toy has an electric motor, batteries or any other kind of electronics, first you need to understand if it is completely waterproof. This is usually specified on the packaging. If you are not sure or have not found the information, it is better not to immerse it entirely and not wash it under running water! Wipe gently with a clean dishcloth. By the way, the same applies to mains-powered gadgets. And do take the batteries out!

Put condoms on jelly toys

Many inedible jelly toys (and some plastic ones) have pores. They can be cleaned with soap or a toy cleaner, but when using them, it's best to put unlubricated condoms on them to prevent harmful bacteria from entering your private parts.

Take a toothbrush (Not the one you brush your teeth with wink)

Some toys with a surface that mimics human skin literally consist of folds and depressions. They are a lot of fun, but how difficult to clean! Take a clean toothbrush and gently brush out any cavities.

Use the proper cleaning materials and liquids

Sometimes a sex toy can be permanently damaged if cleaned with something wrong. The best remedies are regular soap or liquid for children's toys. The worst are antibacterial soaps, strong-scented soaps, kitchen cleaning products, or anything just as powerful.

Say no to paper towels

When soaked, the paper breaks up into small pieces and can jam into the toy, damaging it. It is best to wipe them dry with a non-woven cloth or leave to dry without further action.

Clean immediately

As soon as you take the sex toy out of the box, immediately rinse it thoroughly. And do not forget to do it after each - and we mean each! - use for its intended purpose.

One toy for one place

Never use two toys in one intimate place in a row (if you really want to - wash between two acts of play). This is a great way to spread harmful bacteria, especially if the toy has been first in the back and then in the front or the mouth. As a last resort, you can change your condom. But it's better to wash it all the same.

Correct lubrication

You can damage a toy with the wrong choice of lubricant. Silicone “friends” are harmed by silicone lubricant, use a water-based tube or a combination tube, you can usually find the recommendations for lubes on the packaging or the instruction manuals that come with the sex toys in question.