How to choose the most suitable sex toy

How to choose the most suitable sex toyCorrectly selected sex paraphernalia will help diversify your intimate life both in case you have a partner and in the absence of a partner. Our catalogue is constantly updated with new products designed to significantly increase the strength of your sensations during sex or masturbation. Sex toys are constantly being improved, supplemented by new structural elements and modes. How to choose the best option when it comes to the first purchase of this kind?

Chat with a partner
If the item you are purchasing is designed for two-person games, it’s better to talk frankly about your plans before you buy. Agree, it will be rather strange if you suddenly get a female vibrator out of the bedside table during a slow prelude to sexual intercourse. So, during a conversation, it is better to explain to the partner that he is suitable for you in all respects, and he can use the item that you want to bring to your bed to play with your body. For example, a vibrator in the vagina during cunnilingus will help to raise the girl's orgasm to an unprecedented height. Does your man refuse the opportunity to see how you groan and bend from pleasure?

Possibility of using nozzles on the penis. Show him the corresponding video, convince him that he excites you and as a man - is completely satisfied, but sometimes you would like to have more. Everything will depend not only on your ability to convince but also on the degree of pleasure of the partner. Many men are even happy when the girl herself raises such a sensitive topic and has a ready-made solution that suits both.
Size and features of an adult toy
Whether it is a vibrator, dildo, vaginal or anal balls or any other items for sexual play, you should not immediately purchase a product of huge length or diameter, even if that is your innermost desire. For an inexperienced user, more does not mean better. By the way, keep in mind that sending your partner to buy or order the desired item is often meaningless. Many men believe that any girl dreams of a penis of paranormal caliber. 

Even if this is the case, for the first experiments it is better to give preference to products of medium or small size.
The same rule applies to functions and modes (in battery-powered products). Do not immediately order a device with a huge number of operating modes. For starters, you can get by with a basic set of functions, because during operation it may turn out that this type of product does not suit you as such.
If you already know what type of products you need, do not be too lazy to go through the entire list of toys in this direction. If you need something to increase the sensitivity of the vagina, pay attention to the vaginal balls. They are very convenient to use during anal sex.
Here are some more tips to help you choose a sex toy:
• If you choose a vibrator for self-satisfaction, you may be interested in models that can be used in the shower. They are waterproof. You can safely go to the bathroom to get yourself "full" without fear of damaging the product.

• If you are allergic to lubricants, consider glass sex toys. They can be used with almost any lubricant. However, it is recommended, just in case, to verify this by studying the instructions for the subject.

• If clitoris stimulation gives you the greatest pleasure, pay attention to the special
stimulants in this area. They come in the form of “butterflies”, “rabbits”, devices that mimic oral sex. A number of products have the functions of additional stimulation of the vagina or anus.