How to choose lingerie for your partner

Sexy Blue Panties

Christmas is upon us and a lot of us men will look to buy lingerie for our loved ones, this could turn into a disaster very quickly if your partner doesn't like what you've bought if it is too small or even worse too big, so let's make a few things clear.

First of all lingeries is not something you should buy for your new partner as that can be really misunderstood, in this case it's best to wait till next Christmas, unless you're really brave that is :)

For those who have been with their partners for a while married or not it might actually be difficult to get over the idea that buying lingerie for your partner is a bit wierd, but it actually is not, not at all, in fact it is a very romantic gesture and will probably go much smoother than you imaging, just make sure that they receive and open their present in privacy, you don't want any parents around, that will most definetly be a very embarrasing experience.

So choosing the right lingerie for your partner what should you think about, first of all if you are getting lingerie as a present make sure it's not some sexy costume fulfilling your personal fantasy. If your partner likes to dress up for you - that's great, but buying lingerie for your partner is all about making her feel good, rather than just look good. Now that part is coverd we have to worry about style, colour, size etc.

Let's start with the size, if you want to present this as a surprise present for your partner it's best not to ask the sizes, in fact it's best not to ask the sizes ever, but you can not be guessing here either so the solution would be to go a dig in her drawers and read the labels (make sure to put everything back just the way it was or it might ruin the surprise). But do make sure to find something that you know fits her just right, buying something that's too big would be a disaster! So make sure to find the right sizes for everything that you are buying, it is not as simple as Small, Medium and Large etc, you will need the bra cup size, the underwear size and if you are buying stockings remember they come in different sizes based on height.

Next Get the right style. Her style is very important, if your girl likes cute panties with flowers buying a leather corset most likely will not go down too well, if she loves sexy lace lingerie getting booty shorts will make her cringe. Her style is really important so it is very important to do your home work here, next probably the most challenging issue is figuring out what suits her body type and shape.

So if your girl is:

Tall and slim:

Garter Belts look great on tall women because they create an impression that their legs run up to their armpits. These belts draw attention to length by "cutting" the body horisontaly, which also draws the eye to hew curves and contours, they usually come in darker colours like Red and Black but you might be able to find more vibrant colours if you do, go for it, but if you are buying different pieces to make a set make sure that all of the pieces match and style and colour!

Voluptuous and Big-Busted

A corset supports the bust and brings out the great cleavage in a very sexy maner, while enhancing the curve of the waist and flattening the stomach area. Corsets are fantastically sexy in so many ways it is hard to go wrong with the choices here, do make sure to buy a quality corset or it might not make it past the first try on as corsets are quite complex garmets and need to be done up tightly so any imperfections will show up really quickly

Slim and/or Athletic

Sexy shorts or booty shorts add curves to an athletic figure and accentuate a great butt. Booty Shorts come in all sorts of types and fabrics and they can be worn on their own or with other accessroies like a bra, garter belt or a corset, they really don't need anything else. But do not by booty shorts unless you are sure that your girl will look sexy wearing them.

Bigger Girls

A sexy little negligee suite most of the voluptuous women, A babydoll teddy will easily hide a big tummy or a bum, and she can feel at ease knowing she still looks beautiful and sexy while showing off her other assets, but be sure to buy darker colours as darker colours are more slimming, definetly no white!
Our selection of Plus Size Lingerie has somre really sexy items that could be an Ideal present.

Next: Colours

Most women can wear white, red or black lingerie and lickily most of it comes in those colours which makes it fairly easy to choose. But your girls hair colour should help you choose. If she's a brunette best colours would be the strong colours, redheads are usualy complemented by greens and blues an such and pastel colours would better suit blondes.

Last but no Least - Textures:

There is quite a number of different fabrics to choose from, such as lace, satin, silk, cotton, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), latex and rubber (this is more on the fantasy side), leather, lycra and velvet. When buying on your own or online it's best to avoid PVC and Leather as these materials are not very flexible and it's best to try it on before buying, Latex is very daring but if the style is chosen right it could be very seaxy, we have another article about latex here: All About Latex.

Best way to chose the fabric is to touch and feel it, if you like how it feels in most cases she will do to.