Good News on Payment Processing

We have ourselves a brand new payment processor, which is great news for us and our customers! As we have had a few reports from our dear customers about not being able to make a payment on the website, what a disappointment that is. Well, it was due to some very technical issues with PayPal integration, due to all of the GDPR rules and regulations, some devices were not loading PayPal buttons so we put our heads together and got us a new payment processor onboard, the cost of that was, unfortunately, removing some of the product of the site, so no more pheromones.

Such is our industry that payment processors have to be watchful of what they're processing the payments for, Visa and MasterCard are very particular about things here, but not to worry we have the best stuff still available.

So our new payment provider is Nochex, they are one of the most famous payment providers behind some of the most famous brands and now us, so you can be sure they will process your payments safely and securely.

Also, we have noticed that some of you have signed up to our newsletter via the new page we've added, well not so much a page as much we've added a form to the existing page to make the sign-up process simpler, but we forgot to add a welcome message that sends the discount code once you've subscribed, that has been resolved and the discount code that was supposed to be sent was "SUB10" feel free to use it, not applicable to the first order, first order gets an automatic 15% off anyway 

Stay Safe and enjoy yourself as much as possible, also stay tuned for the next newsletter we'll have some new stock arriving over a weekend.