Early Spring Arrivals

Corsetti Bakosana Black Chemise And ThongNew stock! We have a whole bunch of new sexy things in our store, sex toys, some lingerie, and a few new love dolls.

New to us and very sexy Corsetti Bakosana Black Chemise And Thong comes in a variety of sizes from small to extra-large to suit pretty much anyone, oh and it is in black if black doesn't suit someone I'd like to see that smiley

and we have a whole bunch of new and interesting sex toys and some new love dolls:

Oh, I almost missed Good Head Deep Throat Spray Mint in our essentials section.

Since it is the begging of spring, the time when everything wakes up and let's shake things up a little and have an early spring sale, also not forgetting March the 8th (International Women's Day) so we have reduced all of our Prices by 15%, as well as we kept the 15% off your first order so you can get up to 30% off! Enjoy winkheart