Better than meditation

What could be better than meditation for relaxation, she thought ... Thoughts were confused in my head after a sleepless night, the brain was desperately trying to preserve at least some signs of vital activity, and hands, living their own lives, slowly pushed back their panties and looked for the cherished "button".

"It is unclear why to strain so much" thoughts were still spinning, "why torture yourself like that", "after all, you can just live easily ..." ...

Fingers in grease gently massaged the clitoris, and the other hand held the phone, where, against the yellow background of the pages, someone was again fucking someone ... She did not read the story, she was only interested in the details, where and how ... The story was not so exciting, but the very essence of what was happening tuned in the right way. Gentle movements responded in the body with a light wave of pleasure, "this is definitely better than meditation" ... But something was missing. Horny clit, so nice, 100% enjoyable, but you can definitely get even more pleasure if you insert something into your pussy ...

Since the husband is at work, you will have to use an auxiliary tool. The husband chose a toy close to a natural penis but miscalculated a little with the size, and now this giant was used for oral sex. With this, she began ... Licking the dark beige trunk, she swallowed it and began to suck, smacking her lips with pleasure.

But soon the thought of inserting it into her pussy visited her head ... I wonder what the sensations will be, because the pussy has not met such a big toy until now... Continuing to suck on an artificial penis, fingers caressed the hot pussy, juicy, tender and so inviting, "I miss you, dear!"

To prepare her pussy, she launched a finger into it, then two and three, "probably now it will be tight to enter", putting a dildo to her current pussy, she pressed a little, the head entered her, forcing a moan to escape from her lips. Mmm, and this is very nice, so big and soft, but of course, far from the real feeling. "I hope that in the evening my pussy will already have a real member of my beloved, but for now I will be content with this." After waiting for a little, she began to push the cock deep into her pussy. Soon the movements became rhythmic and felt very pleasant. The other hand gently and quickly massaged the clitoris, altogether gave insane pleasure.

This went on for several minutes, and finally, she finished. The orgasm was bright and very languid. The pussy throbbed as it hugged the toy. Mmm, she sighed, how you are still missing, now I would like to kiss your tender lips, go down and suck your cool dick ...

Removing the toy from her pussy, she once again ran her hand over her lips, "so wet!" In the evening, I think you will still get it :)

Better than meditation