August the 23rd Go Topless Day

ToplessIn the UK Is it all right for women to go topless?


While men can whip their "taps aff" at the slightest hint of warm weather, it is generally perceived as much less acceptable for a woman to do the same – even in the hottest sunshine.


However, in the eyes of the state, women have equal rights with men when it comes to public nudity.

As long as a woman does not reveal her genitals in a manner intended to cause fear, she does not break any statute.

Guidance from the Crown Action Service will not support public nudity action where there is no intention to cause alarm.

A naturist whose intention is limited to doing his lawful business while naked will not be guilty of Indecent Exposure or Outraging Public Decency.

In Scotland, it is slightly different, and under Scottish law, "indecent conduct" in public places, such as exposure to genitals, may constitute an offence of "public indecency."

Stephen Gough tried to walk from Lands End to John o 'Groats wearing only shoes in 2005.

He was arrested in England and Scotland, with different consequences for each of them.

In Scotland, he was imprisoned under public law and spent time in jail for contempt of court when he contested his convictions.


Image by Claudio_Scott on Pixabay