Anal Sex and Anal Play How To

Booty Sparks Red Heart Medium Anal PlugSo you've decided to give anal sex a try, but you're probably not too sure about it as many of us are, will be painfull well yes and no, it's not extremely painful and it is far more pleasurable than painful if done right, so where to start.

First of all your anus doesn't have any natural lubrication so you will most definetly need a lubricant not just any lube will do, although any normal lube would work for insetion but it would not be suitable for an actual anal intercourse as it would get absorbed rather quickly and you'll end up feeling quite a lot of pain, which is not good, so if you are ready to give it a go it's best to start with anal lubricant in particular a numbing kind so you'd feel less pain and more pleasure, we recomment "Relax It Numb Your Bum Before You Succumb Lubricant 500 Ml".

Second, you are unlikely to be able to take a penis in your anus from a get go and most likely that will cause quite a lot pain so you need to get used to having things in there it is best to start with a set of training butt plugsRenegade Pleasure Plug 3pc Trainer KitEssence Anal Training Set and Mood Naughty 1 Butt Plug Trainer Set are really good sets as those are easy to insert, they are quite flexible and due to their shape you won't worry about them falling out and ruining the surprise, so the training process, start with the smalles butt plug in the set and progress to the biggest one, this might not happen in one evening as your muscles need to get used to stretching as much, so how best to insert it, lubricate yourself be vary carefull with your fingers especially if you have long nails, you do not want to scratch anything down there as that will cause burning sensation and is likely to cause discomfort, so best position is to lie down on your belly and bring up your knees to your chest this will cause your muscles to strech and relax and will be much easier to insert your toy, make sure to lubricate the toy very well as well as yourself, now once you inserted it have a feel see if you can go for a bigger one, first and second one sizes in the kits are quite similar and should be easy enough to insert, if you are feeling pain or having to use a lot of forse during the insertion go with a smaller one, once it is in, just walk about with it get a feel for it, your muscles will relax and after a while (depending on how you feel) you should be able to insert the next one up, it might not be as easy but it should not cause intense pain, you might have to repeat the process for a few days so you'll get used to it.

Cleaning yourself is essential! it is best to use some kind of an Enema or a Douche for cleaning yourself, if you are not sure how to use one those please check with your doctor or just see the official guide on the hospital website, they usually have really good and informative articles about such things.

Now once you're used to wearing a butt plug it maybe is time to give it a proper go with your partner, make sure you are both lubricated and your partner should be wearing a condom for extra lubrication and protection, anal sex is not so much about thrusting back and forth it's about feeling of being filled, so it's best to do it slow at least for the first few times.

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We hope you've enjoyed reading this and will enjoy trying it out.