All about Latex

If you're new to buying and wearing latext clothing, we have a few pointers to help you prolong the lige of your pieces.Rubber Secrets Dress

When your piece arrives it will not be shiny, it will be covered in talcum powder, this is done for postage and storage as it needs to be folded, you may choose to war your latex as is (not shiny) but if you want to to make yor latex shine you will need latext polishing spray or latex shine, it is very easy to use, basically just spray your garmet, and wipe down till it's nice and shiny.

Putting the latex on is not exactly easy, to make it easier you may use some talkum powder on the inside of the garmet or you may purchase a latex friendly lubricant which will make slipping into your garmet a lot easier.

Be careful when putting latex on especially with jewelery and if you have long nails, it's easy to damage it, prolongued exposure of latex to metals may discolour it especially if your latex is coloured, some of the garmets come with metals parts so when not worn it is a good idea to wrap the matal parts in something to prevent it from contacting the rubber.

Cleaning latex is very easy, you may use latext cleaning solution or you can wash it in some warm soapy water but be sure to wash off all of the soap, if there's a stain on the rubber rub it with your finger tips to remove it, do not use anything that may scratch it, after washing hang your garmet to drip, and wait untill it is completely dry, once dry you may polish the outside and powder the inside to keep it nice, shiny and mousturised.