5 places for hot sex at home apart from the bed

5 places for hot sex at home apart from the bedHas passion gripped you right in the kitchen? You, of course, are in a hurry to retreat to the bedroom. But wait a minute! Maybe there are still places in the house where sex will be even brighter and more interesting? We know the correct answer: of course! Moreover, atypical places for sex guarantee new emotions, positions and, of course, orgasm.

Window sill

If the entire beauty arsenal of varnishes, lipsticks and creams is stored on your windowsill, then take it all to the devil's grandmother (in the closet, for example), and use the vacant space for a furious attack on your boyfriend!

Ideal Pose: Lean on the windowsill and arch your back, presenting yourself as a graceful kitty in the sun. The more deflection, the cooler the feeling! Your partner, of course, should sit behind you.

Pros: You and your boyfriend have a wonderful view from the window, and he has an additional bonus: his hands are absolutely free and can wander around your body, caressing your chest and hips.

Cons: In addition to the wonderful view that you can observe, an equally beautiful picture opens up to everyone who is lucky enough to take a walk at this time near your home. Be careful!

Washing machine

A washing machine can not only be the perfect sex playground (usually the height of the average man), but it can also add new sensations to your adventure! One has only to turn it on for spin mode when it vibrates.

Ideal pose: A man can lean against a running machine, and then all vibrations will be directed at him, increasing pleasure and speeding up orgasm. But if your boyfriend is not one of those who need a lot of time to finish, then get on the car! Grasp your loved one with your legs or lift one on his shoulder to stimulate all deep nerve endings well.

Pros: A man can make large-amplitude movements, increasing the density of contact.

Cons: If the machine is not well positioned and the floor is not completely level, it may wobble from side to side. Take care of this in advance!


Going to the kitchen for a piece of cake? Forget about it, it can harm your pretty butt. Better push your boyfriend to the wall, he will definitely like it. And you can remember about the cake a little later.

Ideal Position: Have your man squeeze you so you can throw your leg behind his back. This creates eye contact that is incredibly arousing! And if you are physically fit to stand on one leg all this time, a man can show his strength and grab you by the hips.

Pros: You can look at each other, noticing the excitement and desire in the gaze. This can increase the enjoyment of what is happening!

Cons: You might get tired after a couple of minutes. Therefore, feel free to turn over to face the wall and continue sex in this position.


If the bed seems too small for your sexual games, then move to the floor - there is certainly enough space.

Ideal pose: Sit your boyfriend on the floor, ask him to stretch his legs in front of him. With your back to him, sit on his lap, rest your feet on the floor and slowly lower yourself onto his penis.

Pros: You can have sex without fear that one of you will break down and fall over. There is nowhere to fall, so the risk of injury is minimal!

Cons: Even if the floor is covered with the softest and most lush carpet, do not overdo it with intense movements - you risk getting friction burns on the most delicate places.


You turned on a movie, and it turned out to be the most boring tape in your life? Do not be discouraged, because there are much more interesting things! Of course we are talking about sex.

Ideal Position: Sit your boyfriend in a comfortable chair, saddle him with your legs apart, and rest your bent knees on his chest. Then slowly lean back and rest your outstretched hands on the floor. Move back and forth, bringing your legs together and apart. This sex position is not as difficult as it might seem. You keep your balance due to the fact that you rest your palms on the floor, and your man sits and supports you by the legs. For a stronger sensation during sex, squeeze and unclench the vaginal muscles. By choosing the right rhythm of frictions, you will quickly reach orgasm.

Pros: You can have a strong orgasm.

Cons: Ask your boyfriend not to get carried away with speed and strength, otherwise you might experience pain instead of pleasure.