Wedding is just around the corner? Or it may not be soon, but you are together enough to study each other extremely deeply and not only psychologically. There is still a whole life ahead, as they say, in sorrow and in joy, but why not diversify intimacy now? How to make bed a place where you don't want to leave and where you always want to return.

For the benefit of the body and complexion.

Have you been looking at sex shops for a long time? And together with the future half? Many people associate a trip to an intimate store with adventure and even stress. But there is nothing shameful about that! And if you cannot pronounce the phrase butt plug out loud to the seller of adult toys, you can always order this device online. We live in the world of online shopping, and the sex shop delivers purchases at any time of the day. Yes, yes, in case you are suddenly very shy, you can order night delivery when all your neighbors are sleeping bored.

Why do you need a butt plug at all? You may be surprised, but many couples use such toys, and even those who have been married for a long time. Mostly those who are already familiar with its benefits. Precisely benefit.

Along with the enjoyment of play, the butt plug stimulates and strengthens the pelvic floor muscles in women, thus narrowing the vagina and delivering more pleasure to both partners. For men, the plug stimulates the sphincter, making orgasms brighter and richer. Already wanted to go to a sex shop?

Real adult romance

What does romance look like when you have been in a relationship for a long time? An ordinary kiss before leaving home is often considered romantic. If you have prepared a surprise for your half - this already attracts you for an Oscar! And if this surprise is also erotic ... Well, you get the idea.

To prepare a romantic surprise, you need sexy clothes that will set the evening in the right direction. By the way, about surprises.

Idea! Present a beautifully packaged present for your partner at dinner, which will include an erotic lingerie set for sexual games. The evening will quickly turn into an unforgettable adventure. You will see.

Nice surprises are often good family traditions. And why is it bad, please tell me, to please each other with erotic novelties, say, weekly or once a month?

"5 stars" Intimacy

Having made it a tradition to visit a sex shop regularly before the wedding, you risk becoming its regular customers. With a variety of cooling and vibrating lubricants, liquid vibrators, erotic lingerie and toys, you will never return to the boring bed scenes of the past.

And why deny yourself the pleasure if you already know how wide you can push the boundaries of your own sexual fantasies?