21 sex myths you’re ashamed to believe

Three hours of lovemaking is terribly exhausting, and a real orgasm doesn't always make you scream like in adult movies.

Myth # 1. Size Matters

While you are reading this sentence, somewhere in the world, several men have already Google "how to enlarge a penis at home." But you and I know what's what: the arithmetic mean of the length of the male genital organ in an erect state around the world is 13.1 centimeters. These data were announced by the staff of the urological journal BJU International. Someone has more, someone has less, the point is different: there is no ideal framework under which you should fit.

At the same time, no unique exercises, miracle pills and self-hypnosis will help - we have what we have. The only way to enlarge the penis is through surgery. But you know what women think is more important than penis size? Ability to use it.

Myth # 2. Masturbation is bad for your health

"If you masturbate a lot, you can go blind, your palms will be covered with hair, and then you are not far from impotence." Sounds like a death sentence. But how are things really going?

Masturbation is a completely normal sexual activity that does not affect finger hair growth, penile size shrinkage or penis curvature. In women, in turn, there is no decrease in sexual desire from regular self-gratification, this is just an additional way to get sexual pleasure.

However, masturbating too often can have a negative impact on your life. We are not talking about those neglected cases when a person does not leave the apartment for days, because porn videos will not watch themselves. Rather, it is about the possible negative impact of 18+ films on your relationship with your partner, as well as the formation of misperceptions of sex in real life.

Myth number 3. Any orgasm "blows away" and is the main purpose of sex

So this long-awaited moment of true enlightenment has come - orgasm. That, for which, in fact, everything was started. After all, only a real man, a professional with many years of experience, and that still womanizer, can bring a girl to orgasm. What if not?

In fact, not every sex necessarily ends with an orgasm, and an orgasm, in turn, is not always "like in a movie." The female orgasm is generally a rather unpredictable thing. Therefore, the next time, instead of trying to achieve it by hook or by crook, you can just close your eyes and enjoy the moment.

Myth # 4. There is a correlation between the size of the penis and the size of the nose, palms and feet.

There is no scientifically proven fact that confirms that the size of the penis is in any way related to the size of shoes, palms or nose. Men with 45 foot size, sorry.

Myth # 5. The taste of semen depends on a man's eating habits.

It is believed that if a man loves meat with blood or citrus fruits, then his sperm will be sour. Constantly consumes pineapple juice - the taste will become sweeter. But you will have to get rid of alcohol, coffee and cigarettes: these substances supposedly make the sperm more bitter or salty. However, all these popular beliefs about the effects associated with the use of certain foods have not been scientifically proven.

Many urologists assure that the taste of semen is unchanged, because its composition includes the exact mixture of components necessary to maintain the vital functions of sperm. So no pineapple juice will turn your sperm into pinacolada, that's life.

Myth # 6. First time sex is always painful.

Blood, tears and disappointment in sex - and it all started so well! But the reason for the painful first time is not the damage to the hymen, as many believe. Rupture of vaginal tissue due to lack of lubrication, coupled with the inexperience of the partner and stress as a result, leads to pain during the first sex.

Severe pain is not the norm, patience will not help in such a case. Any painful sex that is not associated with the inexperience or imprudence of the partner is a reason to consult a specialist. So less nerves and haste, more attention to each other - and the first time will definitely not be the last!

Myth No. 7. Interrupted intercourse protects against pregnancy

From the quotes of the great fathers: "Yes, I will be in time!" It may well be. But what if not? Is it worth the risk? Interrupted intercourse has never been an effective method of contraception, as a certain amount of sperm is secreted at the very beginning of sex.

Myth # 8. Men think about sex every 7 seconds.

Not really! In 2011, researchers from the University of Ohio conducted an experiment that found that on average men think about sex 19 times a day, women - 10. The study included 163 women and 120 men. In general, the number of thoughts about intimacy does not depend on gender, but on a person's attitude to sexual activity. We are surrounded by asexuals, antisexuals, demisexuals, and this is not the whole list of "sexes", each of whom perceives sex differently. And he thinks about him, respectively, less often or more often than others.

Myth # 9. Having sex burns a lot of calories.

Another myth. In fact, the number of calories burned depends on the duration of intercourse. And if in 6 minutes (on average) you lose 21 kilocalories, then in 12 minutes - already 42! Not bad, but losing weight just won't work. And I wanted that so much!

Myth # 10. Sex can cause heart attacks.

Quite the opposite: Men who have sex once a month are at greater risk of heart disease than those who have regular sex twice a week.

As for the danger of sex for people with cardiovascular diseases, it is too exaggerated. The physical stress on the heart during sex is quite comparable to other stress that we face during a typical day. The state of the body during intercourse can be compared to climbing stairs for several floors: the pulse rises to 110-130 beats per minute, systolic blood pressure - up to 150-180 millimeters of mercury. Such indicators do not pose a serious danger to patients with cardiovascular diseases.

Myth # 11. Sex in some positions can affect the gender of the child.

Different postures affect exclusively the receipt of more pleasure from partners. Only one thing can affect the sex of the child: the presence or absence of the Y chromosome.

In the 21st century, there are many ways to find out the gender of a baby during pregnancy. For example, a blood test, amniocentesis, or ultrasound. No guesswork - just accurate and verified information.

Myth number 12. All sexually transmitted infections manifest themselves immediately

Chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes - and these are just three common diseases that do not show any symptoms for a long time. Not every infection is immediately obvious, and it is not always easy to identify it - you should immediately contact a professional if you suspect a disease. The best way to prevent STDs is a condom, but you may not always have one on hand. In this case, a number of antiseptics come to the rescue, which you can find in every pharmacy (chlorhexidine, miramistin, desmistin).

Forewarned is forearmed: do not neglect your own safety even for the best sex in your life.

Myth # 13. People don't masturbate when they are in a regular relationship.

Both male and female masturbation is an absolutely individual thing. As, in fact, a serious relationship. You may be dating for a long period of time, but not living together - does this mean that you or your partner will not masturbate? Not at all. It all depends solely on your habits and level of sex drive. But some couples, for example, are engaged in joint masturbation, assuring that this strengthens their trust, and also brings them closer to each other. One way or another, this is everyone's personal choice.

Myth number 14. Douching after sex will save you from unwanted pregnancy

Washing or douching immediately after an unprotected act is generally not a bad idea. Only its implementation will certainly not save you from unwanted pregnancy. But contraceptives can!

Myth # 15. Women take sex more seriously than men.

In the book What Do Women Want? The science of the nature of female sexuality ”the famous journalist Daniel Bergner notes: women calmly perceive sex without unnecessary emotional attachments and want it no less than men. The problem is that due to social pressure, fear of condemnation and the unpleasant label of "girls of easy virtue", it is more difficult for ladies to show sexual interest in the opposite sex.

Myth number 16. Frequent change of partners leads to depression

Depression after sex can manifest itself if it was before him. In this case, the number of partners does not matter. The only thing that is affected by the frequent change of sexual contacts is the increased risk of getting a sexually transmitted infection.

Also, do not confuse depression with the state of postcoital dysphoria, which is characterized by the state of sadness, irritability and apathy that occurs after sex. But in this case, the number of partners does not affect anything.

Myth # 17. Oysters and chocolate increase sexual arousal.

There is no scientifically proven data to support this fact. However, oysters in their appearance resemble some intimate parts of the body, which can be arousing. Chocolate, in turn, stimulates the production of mood-boosting serotonin - and people in a good mood have more sex. But this does not mean at all that these products are guaranteed to be aphrodisiacs for absolutely every person.

Myth # 18. Take off your socks during sex.

The next time you see him wearing those completely non-sexy wool socks again, know that the likelihood of having an orgasm is higher when your feet are warm. So feel free to wear socks with him - wild passion is guaranteed!

Myth # 19. The longer the better.

“Artists can all night”, how much can you? Orgasm is a completely individual process: for some, 10 minutes will be enough to get it, for others, even a few hours will not be enough. In addition, getting an orgasm is not the main goal of sex, because a quality process is much more important. And if during intercourse one of you already begins to yawn from boredom or experience painful sensations - perhaps it's time to stop.

Myth number 20. Vaginal orgasm is real, but clitoral orgasm is not.

Contrary to popular belief, there is only one orgasm - only the ways of getting it differ. Both the clitoral and vaginal variants, respectively, are completely real. In recent studies published in the journal Nature Reviews Urology, scientists have found that not one specific organ is responsible for obtaining a vaginal orgasm, but the whole clitoral-vaginal complex. Thanks to the work of the entire reproductive system, we get the most real orgasms.

Myth number 21. You can't have sex during your period.

There are absolutely no contraindications prohibiting having sex during critical days. If the partners are happy with everything, then why not? Moreover, having sex during menstruation helps some girls cope with pain. However, this does not mean at all that you can not use a condom: critical days will in no way save you from unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.