112 Fetishes, Find yours on this list...

112 FetishesWe have quite a collection of fetishes here, I was going to research each one but after trying to google a few things I decided I better not for obvious reasons, plus some of the fetishes listed on here a far beyond all legalities so it's best not to looks for those things online, each one has a shor description but that short description explains each of the fetishes in just enough details to get imagination racing. However some things are better left as just names...

  1. Abasiophilia - sexual attraction to paralyzed or otherwise physically disabled people who wear metal leg prostheses or other orthopedic products
  2. Acarophilia - sexual pleasure derived from tickling or scratching
  3. Acomophilia - sexual attraction to nudity (including shaved genitals)
  4. Acousticophilia - sexual arousal from specific sounds
  5. Acrotomophilia - passion for amputation and / or sexual attraction to amputees
  6. Adolescentilism - sexual pleasure from imitating the actions and image of a teenager
  7. Ailurophilia - sexual attraction and affection for cats
  8. Agalmatophilia - sexual attraction to statues, mannequins, or other stationary objects
  9. Algolagnia - sexual satisfaction experienced when inflicting pain on a sexual partner
  10. Amaurophilia - sexual arousal experienced by a person while having sex in complete darkness or with a blindfold
  11. Andromimetophilia - attraction to women who dress and imitate men and transsexuals
  12. Apodysophilia - rarely used term for exhibitionism, desire to undress in a public place
  13. Apotemnophilia - desire or sexual arousal from amputation of a healthy part of the body (limbs, fingers, or genitals) or partial (complete) cutting of the genitals along
  14. Aquaphilia - excitement from water and / or body of water, including from baths and pools
  15. Aretifism - attraction to people who don't wear shoes. Antonym: retifism - shoe fetish
  16. Asphyxiophilia - sexual desire for suffocation; also a form of breath control play; includes autoerotic strangulation
  17. Autoabasiophilia - wanting to be lame or crippled
  18. Autagonistophilia - sexual arousal from being the subject of public attention or from creating conditions under which such public observation is possible
  19. Autogynephilia - sexual perception of oneself as a woman
  20. Autonephiophilia - aka diaper fetish - sexual arousal from diapers, diapers and diapers
  21. Autossassinophilia - sexual pleasure in fantasizing or pretending to kill
  22. Biastophilia - sexual satisfaction from rape, no matter in what role; see also Raptophilia
  23. Celebriphilia - pathological desire for sex with a celebrity
  24. Chrematistophilia - sexual arousal from paying for intimate services or deprivation of money during a robbery by a mistress (com); see also Harpaxophilia
  25. Coprophilia - sexual arousal from feces
  26. Covert incestiphilia - arousal from non-contact sexual behavior with a child
  27. Crush fetish - sexual arousal from contemplation of crushing small objects by a person of the opposite sex
  28. Dacryphilia - sexual pleasure achieved by crying or crying from a partner
  29. Dendrophilia - sexual attraction to trees and other large plants
  30. Emetophilia - aka Vomerophilia - sexual arousal associated with vomit
  31. Emoaningphilia  - sexual arousal from textual imitations of a moan, when communicating via instant text messages
  32. Endytophilia - desire to have sex in clothes
  33. Ephebophilia - aka Gebefilia (Nebephilia) - sexual attraction to adolescents
  34. Eproctophilia - sexual arousal caused by the emission of intestinal gas (farting)
  35. Erotophonophilia - aka Homicidophilia or Lust murderism - sexual arousal from committing or attempting to commit murder
  36. Exhibitionism - aka Peodeiktophilia - achieving sexual satisfaction by showing the naked body, buttocks and genitals
  37. Faunoiphilia - sexual arousal from contemplation of mating animals
  38. Fecophile -sexual arousal from a bowel movement or contemplation of a defecating partner (usually on yourself)
  39. Formicophilia - sexual arousal from small insects crawling over the body (usually the genitals)
  40. Forniphilia - sexual objectification, in which the human body takes the form of furniture (chair, table, wardrobe, and so on)
  41. Frotteurism - obtaining sexual gratification by rubbing or touching another person's body without their knowledge
  42. Galactophilia - aka Lactophilia - sexual attraction to a woman's milk or a breastfeeding lady
  43. Gerontophilia - sexual attraction to the elderly
  44. Gigantopithicus Fetish - sexual attraction to extremely tall people
  45. Gynemimetophilia - attraction to men in women's clothes and transsexuals
  46. Gynophagia - sexual arousal from fantasies of cooking and eating women
  47. Haematophilia - erotic attraction to blood (either to the liquid itself, or to the presence of blood on a partner); not to be confused with hemophilia, poor blood clotting.
  48. Harpaxophilia - sexual desire to be robbed
  49. Homeovestism  - sexual satisfaction from wearing someone else's clothes of a person of the same gender
  50. Hybristophilia - sexual satisfaction from intimacy with criminals, especially those who have committed serious crimes
  51. Hypephilia - passion for fabrics
  52. Incestophilia - sexual attraction to your family members
  53. Infantilism - sexual pleasure obtained by dressing, behaving or treating oneself as a child
  54. Katoptronophilia - sexual desire to have sex in front of a mirror
  55. Kleptophilia - sexual gratification by stealing
  56. Klismaphilia - sexual pleasure from enemas
  57. Koumpounophilia - Sexual Pleasure from buttons
  58. Lipophilia - sexual attraction to overweight and obese people
  59. Macrophilia - sexual attraction to large people and large objects, including huge female organs: large breasts and genitals
  60. Maiesiophilia - sexual attraction to pregnant women and childbirth
  61. Masochism - sexual satisfaction from humiliation and suffering caused by a sexual partner
  62. Mechaphilia - passion for mechanisms, machines, especially robots or androids
  63. Microphilia - sexual attraction to small people and small objects
  64. Minifellaphilia - sexual attraction to very small people
  65. Mysophilia - sexual attraction to dirty, dirty and unclean objects or people
  66. Narratophilia - the sexual pleasure of telling erotic and exciting stories
  67. Nasophilia - sexual pleasure from contemplation and touching the human nose
  68. Necropedophilia - sexual attraction to the corpses of children
  69. Necrophilia - sexual attraction to corpses
  70. Necrozoophilia - aka Necrobestiality - sexual attraction to the corpses of animals or the desire to kill them
  71. Nepiophilia - aka Infantophilia - sexual attraction to young children, from three years of age and younger
  72. Olafactophilia - sexual pleasure derived from scents and aromas
  73. Parthenophilia - sexual attraction to virgins
  74. Pecattiphilia - sexual arousal from misconduct and / or guilt
  75. Pediophilia - sexual attraction to dolls
  76. Pedophilia - sexual attraction to minors
  77. Phalloorchoalgolagnia - sexual satisfaction obtained from painful stimulation of male organs
  78. Pictophilia - passion for illustrated pornography and erotic art in general
  79. Plushophilia - sexual attraction to plush toys or people in plush costumes
  80. Pyrophilia - sexual pleasure from contemplation, talking and thinking about fire
  81. Raptophilia - sexual pleasure from the idea of ​​being raped
  82. Retifism - sex drive for shoes
  83. Sadism - sexual gratification from humiliation and torment of others
  84. Saliromania - sexual attraction or satisfaction from getting your partner's clothing dirty or damaged
  85. Savantophilia - sexual attraction to mentally retarded people
  86. Schediaphilia - aka Toonophilia - passion for cartoon characters
  87. Scoptophilia - sexual pleasure from contemplating people having sex
  88. Sitophilia  - sexual desire for food
  89. Somnophilia - sexual attraction to sleeping and fainting people
  90. Spectrophilia - sexual attraction to ghosts
  91. Stigmatophilia - sexual attraction to people with tattoos or scars on their bodies
  92. Stygiophilia - sexual satisfaction from the mere thought of going to hell
  93. Symphorophilia - sexual pleasure from staging a misfortune, such as car accident
  94. Telephone scatologia - sexual desire to call strangers and say obscene things
  95. Telephonicophilia - sexual gratification from frank phone calls
  96. Teratophilia - sexual attraction to ugly people
  97. Transvestitism  - sexual pleasure in dressing the opposite sex
  98. Trichophilia - sexual arousal from hair
  99. Troilism - sexual gratification from watching your sexual partner having sex with another
  100. Urolagnia - sexual arousal from urine
  101. Vincilagnia - sexual arousal from bondage
  102. Vomerophilia - aka Emetophilia - sexual arousal associated with vomit
  103. Vorarephilia - sexual desire to be eaten and / or to eat by yourself another person or creature
  104. Voyeurism - sexual attraction to spying on people having sex, naked or undressing
  105. Anorexia fetish - passion for very thin women with anorexia
  106. Wing Fetishism - sexual attraction to wings; often to the wings of angels or demons
  107. Wind Fetish - sexual desire to feel the wind
  108. Xenophilia - sexual attraction to foreigners
  109. Xylophilia - sexual attraction to wood
  110. Zelophilia - sexual arousal from feelings of jealousy
  111. Zoophilia - emotional or sexual attraction to animals
  112. Zoosadism - sexual pleasure from inflicting pain and suffering on animals

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