10 facts men hide about sex

Would you like to look into the thoughts of a loved one? We give you this opportunity! A man will reveal all the secrets of the stronger sex!

1. We are afraid of having sex with a new woman

Yes, it's true: we men really think about sex all the time, and if we were faced with a magnificent neckline, while a lady would have three eyes and a Chihuahua on her head, we would not have noticed this. But when it comes to first intimate contact with a new lady ...

Our pulse is polka-dancing and we do very strange things. We do our best to flex our pelvic floor muscles, drink liters of pineapple juice (which should improve the taste of semen) and google the cunnilingus technique. But when a woman lies in front of us completely naked, we are as timid as the first time.

2. Men don't find women funny

What is the most important thing for a woman in a partner? Humor - says statistics. Men, on the other hand, value intelligence and appearance more, any consistency. Then humor appears on the list. Otherwise, we would never have found the woman of our dreams. Because women are not funny. I'm sorry. It’s not their fault. This is because of testosterone. According to British scientists, humor is the result of aggression - and this is due to the male hormone, which is more in men. Male jokes are rude, politically incorrect, and make fun of others. Women make harmless jokes, mostly retelling situations that were only amusing to those in the situation.

3. During sex, we think about the alphabet, to-do lists or work.

The main purpose of sex is to bring a woman orgasm. But before you praise us for our dedication, know that we do this primarily for ourselves. If the woman doesn't come, we lose. After all, sex without orgasm is like a black and white French movie - no climax.

And I do not think that a woman after coition tells her friend: "He cannot satisfy me, but God, I like the way he fucks me." The only thing that could be even worse is ejaculating after 2 minutes, like a preoccupied teenager. A man does not want to allow this, and therefore tries to restrain himself with the help of thoughts about extraneous things.

4. Your orgasm is the ultimate goal.

Decision? Abstraction! This lowers blood pressure and delays ejaculation. When I was 18, my father told me that while having sex, he mentally read the alphabet in reverse order. It doesn't work for me. I need to concentrate so that the corners of my mouth twist, but not a single woman ran away in terror.

My gimmick: I think about my to-do list or think back to a time when I was doing community service. For example, yesterday I slept with Dana. She is very attractive - real fire. During sex, I imagined how I had to wash 80-year-olds. It always helps.

5. We are addicted to compliments

It's not enough for me if a woman tells me that she loves me. “I love you” - yes, yes, good and wonderful. But why? I always want to know the reason. I want to hear that I'm funny, or that women feel safe with me, or ... I don't really care what she says. The main thing is that I get confirmation that I am a great guy.

And as soon as she complimented me, it worked like a drug. I always want to hear more. Men need this confirmation. They measure the size of their penis to make sure it is at least average. And they want to know that it is not in vain that they diligently pump their biceps in the gym.

6. We lie to get you to bed

I have never loved a woman unconditionally. But I already said "I love you" to six women. Two of them were the first to tell me this, and I thought “baby, this is great” was not a good answer, so the echo “I love you too” came back from me.

And I said 3 famous words to four women because ... How do you think I got one of them to bed? We had a great evening, drank some Sauvignon Blanc, sat down on the sofa, and I knew that if I said something romantic now, she would be mine. I took her hand and said, "Please don't laugh, but I think I love you."

7. We fake orgasms too

My buddy Finn is a great guy. Polite, helpful, humorous, only with women does not always follow etiquette. He once made a girl drive 20 kilometers to see him and so she could create his university presentation for him while we were playing on the Playstation in the next room. But there is one thing that even Finn hesitates to do: tell his girlfriend that she doesn't turn him on today.

When his then girlfriend struggled with it for a while. And he did what all women have probably done before: he faked an orgasm. Yes, dear women, we do that too. Statistically, 20 to 25 percent of us have played a climax at least once.

8. All men are mama's sons

It was New Years Eve, snow was falling on the street, and Jenny snuggled up to me and asked if I could imagine celebrating with her and her little son and not my mom. Of course he couldn't. I never saw Jenny again.

My mother gave me her life, kissed my sore spots and knitted elephants for my fingers until late at night so that the next morning I would not look like a fool in labor lessons. And should I trade my mom for a woman who wouldn't take my temperature and cook soup with the same devotion?

9. Yes, we masturbate!

And I would go even further: we do it regularly, we do it in relationships. Nor do we think about our girlfriend. Masturbating, squeezing a banana, throwing a solo party - as soon as guys don't call it. If you have tried it once, then you will never stop satisfying yourself.

The reason is simple: whenever we are horny (and, unfortunately, we are indeed often horny), but also just out of boredom. Nothing is shown on TV, friends have no time, why not spend a few minutes on yourself?

10. When it comes to dating and relationships, you are in charge!

I cannot explain exactly why. Perhaps because we view women as fragile creatures and cannot deny them anything. Another theory is that a beautiful woman can have dozens of suitors, and we are afraid that we could be replaced at any moment if we do not obey.