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New Lingerie, Sex Toys, Bondage Gear and "The Essentials"

New stock just in, we have received a huge number of brand new sexy lingerie, new bondage gear, lubricants and condoms as well as new sex toys!

All just in time for the St Valentines Day, St Valentines day offer is still running so you still have chance to get upto 20% off eveything in our store! USe the code "STVALENTINES" at the checkout.

Free Shipping on all orders over £75 and additional 10% off on all orders over a £150 before shipping.

Exlusive Discount

We are now working closely with 1discount.co.uk and if you head over to their website you cat get exclusive discounts for all items in out store!

These discount codes are only available from 1discount.co.uk and no where else, you may also want to subscribe to their newsletter so they will keep you upto date on our exclusive discounts and offers.

St Valentine's day Lingerie Collection Early Access

St Valentine's day is coming  so we at Sexy Contours decided to give all of the lover birds a little something, use code STVALENTINES at the checkout for a 20% discount on everything on our website, and if you subscribe to our news letter we will send you another welcome code for a 10% off everything on our website, St Valentine's day offer starts on the 14th of Januarry and will last right untill the St Valentine's day, giving you enough time to get something very special to your special some one. Here's a list of ides for inspiration:

Latest additions to our bondage gear collection

Ouch Introductory Bondage Kit 3
Have you fantasized about a sexy game of submission and dominance? Then this will be the perfect start for you!

Make sure your love slave listens to your every instruction while you tease and seduce them. Handcuff them so you have free reign to do anything you want. If you are the submissive type and you want to be the one who's handcuffed, then this will be the perfect gift for your master!

It comes with a sexy lace mask, 12-inch leather paddle, and furry metal cuffs.

Anal Sex and Anal Play How To

So you've decided to give anal sex a try, but you're probably not too sure about it as many of us are, will be painfull well yes and no, it's not extremely painful and it is far more pleasurable than painful if done right, so where to start.

First of all your anus doesn't have any natural lubrication so you will most definetly need a lubricant not just any lube will do, although any normal lube would work for insetion but it would not be suitable for an actual anal intercourse as it would get absorbed rather quickly and you'll end up feeling quite a lot of pain, which is not good, so if you are ready to give it a go it's best to start with anal lubricant in particular a numbing kind so you'd feel less pain and more pleasure, we recomment "Relax It Numb Your Bum Before You Succumb Lubricant 500 Ml".

How to choose the most suitable sex toy

Correctly selected sex paraphernalia will help diversify your intimate life both in case you have a partner and in the absence of a partner. Our catalogue is constantly updated with new products designed to significantly increase the strength of your sensations during sex or masturbation. Sex toys are constantly being improved, supplemented by new structural elements and modes. How to choose the best option when it comes to the first purchase of this kind?

Non Monogamous Relationships

From an early age, we have been taught that monogamy is the only acceptable form of a relationship and that we should all be with a partner whom only wants each other. Nowadays the taboo stigma around non monogamous relationships is fading into the distance, and we welcome a new era of acceptance around non monogamous relationships. 

How to choose lingerie for your partner

Christmas is upon us and a lot of us men will look to buy lingerie for our loved ones, this could turn into a disaster very quickly if your partner doesn't like what you've bought if it is too small or even worse too big, so let's make a few things clear.

First of all lingeries is not something you should buy for your new partner as that can be really misunderstood, in this case it's best to wait till next Christmas, unless you're really brave that is :)

For those who have been with their partners for a while married or not it might actually be difficult to get over the idea that buying lingerie for your partner is a bit wierd, but it actually is not, not at all, in fact it is a very romantic gesture and will probably go much smoother than you imaging, just make sure that they receive and open their present in privacy, you don't want any parents around, that will most definetly be a very embarrasing experience.

Christmas Opening Hours/Christmas Collections And Deliveries

Christmas posting dates for guaranteed delivery

Wednesday 20th December: EU, Highlands and Islands.
Monday 23rd December: Standard UK addresses

Royal Mail:
Wednesday 18th: 2nd Class
Friday 20th December: 1st Class, Mail Tracked 24* and Royal Mail Tracked 48* Royal
Monday 23th December: Special Delivery Guaranteed

Opening hours:
Friday 20th December: Normal service