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20 weird facts about sex

  • In some countries, brides place tiny sacs of chicken blood in their vagina prior to intercourse to prove that the hymen was intact before marriage. In other countries, women put thickened sheep's blood into the vagina for the same purpose.
  • The record for female orgasms is 134 in one hour.
  • One sperm contains 37.5 MB of DNA information. One ejaculation represents a data transfer of 15,875 GB, which is equivalent to a combined capacity of 62 MacBook Pros.
  • In many states, impotence is a real reason for divorce.

Sex toys - lovers' helpers

Human life is a continuous relationship. From childhood, we are in contact with peers or our relatives. In childhood, the first amazing sensations associated with interest in the opposite sex come to us. And here it is very important which adults are next to the children. Because how they direct such children's interests depends on how, as adults, people relate to each other.

What are we silent about? Desires in sex

To enjoy life, you need to get it from everything that happens to us, and not like this: “Well, I'll be patient at work, because in the evening it will be good at home,” or so: “I don’t really like it today, probably he tired. "Each person has desires and he wants them to be realized, no matter what, in food, clothes, work, sex. Of course, not everything is in our hands, but it is worth trying to have fun with your family, in bed with your beloved, and you should choose a job to your liking, but about work another time. Today we will talk about desires in sex.

Lubricant and no friction in relationships

The subject of love excites the minds of all people on the planet. What then is human life without this feeling. Since the topic is intimate, it is one thing to read novels or watch films, and quite another to experience this feeling in adulthood. After all, an attitude is not only feelings (although this side of the issue is the component without which there can be no love). But a harmonious relationship should be in everything. Problems in intimacy should always be solved so as not to overshadow high feelings.

How to diversify sex

Sex is a topic for reflection that is always relevant and exciting for a large number of people. Sex should only bring bright and positive emotions. If this is not the case or there is no sex at all, this is always an alarming sign. Indeed, in this case, all other spheres of a person's life begin to limp. People who are 100 percent sexually satisfied always stand out from the crowd. It is to achieve the same result that today always relevant advice will be offered on the topic of how to give the intimate sphere of life more fire and variety.

BDSM for beginners

Many people want to try the elements of BDSM in their bedroom. However, most are embarrassed to communicate their desires to a partner, because there is a chance that they will be misunderstood. This article was created as a mini-guide for beginners in the BDSM culture.

How to become the best lover for your husband

Love is tenderness, care, trust, passion, sex. While mutual respect, understanding, and harmony are at the heart of any long-term relationship, they are all about sex to one degree or another. Some couples hold on to this, and this is the mainstay of their relationship. Others say that trust is more important, and that sex is in the background. Be that as it may, sex can not only add variety to relationships but also strengthen them. If you've been with your partner for a long time, perhaps the passions between you have subsided. This is why it is so important to know how to bring them back to life.

Brexit Delays

As you may know, some of our items are delivered directly from suppliers in particular large and bulky items such as sex machines and sex furniture, this is due to the fact that those things are rather expensive and are not being purchased very often so rather than having them on stock we order directly to you, since Brexit however there are some issues with delivery times, orders of items of over £135 do enjoy free delivery still but there are import fees and absolutely insane delays, while orders of value under £135 do get through just fine and get delivered within reasonable times that b

Why colour of love is red?

I know that I’ve never actually liked red. Everyone always said red suits me well and so on, but I'd always avoid it to the point where I'm not even keen to eat anything red. However, when it comes to all the love symbolism and St Valentines in particular red is everywhere and I am fine with that, I guess it's just in the culture. 

Anyway, this is not about me, so what is it about red that gets us all hot ‘n’ bothered for Valentine's day? Here are some fun facts on the history of this intense colour. You might want to talk about them on your date tonight as you sip red wine, enjoy a juicy red steak and devour a bowl of fresh red strawberries for dessert!
Don’t forget to re-apply your red lipstick!