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10 facts men hide about sex

Would you like to look into the thoughts of a loved one? We give you this opportunity! A man will reveal all the secrets of the stronger sex!

1. We are afraid of having sex with a new woman

Yes, it's true: we men really think about sex all the time, and if we were faced with a magnificent neckline, while a lady would have three eyes and a Chihuahua on her head, we would not have noticed this. But when it comes to first intimate contact with a new lady ...


Wedding is just around the corner? Or it may not be soon, but you are together enough to study each other extremely deeply and not only psychologically. There is still a whole life ahead, as they say, in sorrow and in joy, but why not diversify intimacy now? How to make bed a place where you don't want to leave and where you always want to return.

For the benefit of the body and complexion.

Just 3 questions that will instantly determine if your relationship has a future: psychological test

French psychologist Maria Jameson has been advising married couples for 15 years. On the basis of her conversations, she revealed that similar types of people still get along better than very different ones. Only people with similar outlooks on life can boast of an ideal relationship. No, that doesn't mean you both have to love cooking or football.

Latex, PVC, PU Leather, Wetlook, Datex etc by Celene Nox

I was meaning to write an article about all of the different shiny materials (we sell lingerie made of those ;) we keep all of those under Fetish Lingerie Section), but then I came accross Celenes video on YouTube so I felt I should share, hope Celene won't mind.

Celenes YouTube channel is here: do check it out she has some great videos on there.