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5 places for hot sex at home apart from the bed

Has passion gripped you right in the kitchen? You, of course, are in a hurry to retreat to the bedroom. But wait a minute! Maybe there are still places in the house where sex will be even brighter and more interesting? We know the correct answer: of course! Moreover, atypical places for sex guarantee new emotions, positions and, of course, orgasm.

How to clean your sex toys

Vibrators and other adult toys give us great pleasure. And so that they do not start giving all sorts of nasties, they need to be cleaned in a timely manner. Our tips will help you do it according to all the rules and not spoil or damage anything.

International Sex Holiday Calendar

Why not celebrate sex year-round? We have searched the internet and put toAfter a typical midnight kiss, why not take it from there to get your new year off to the best possible start? # 1 night of sexy parties every year. We may have ancient Rome to thank for our New Year's kiss (and more), Saturnalia in particular.gether a calendar with all the Sexolidays in one place, feel free to add in the comments if we missed anything.

Top 10 sex toys for men

I could sit here and write a massively long post about the best sex toys for men but who's gonna read that? Plus there are plenty of videos even on youtube that review sex toys... It is no laughing matter when it comes to choosing sex toys but I think a bit of humor never hurts so have a watch and have a laugh and hopefully, you'll find it useful as well... No, we did not make that video, but I wish we did..

Role play in bed: 5 hot scenarios

Sex play is a great release that removes blocks and clamps and releases accumulated tension. This is a good way to get to know each other better. Couples who practice it are less likely to complain about misunderstandings and everyday conflicts. Here are the rules and ideas for role-playing games.

Keep in mind - you will have to take the initiative into your own hands: your loved one may not offer a game, simply because he is afraid that you will misunderstand him. First, talk to your partner. Perhaps he will be frank about his fantasies. A negative reaction in men is extremely rare, usually they, if they do not show enthusiasm in the discussion, then at least express embarrassment or interest. Here are the basic rules for role-playing

112 Fetishes, Find yours on this list...

We have quite a collection of fetishes here, I was going to research each one but after trying to google a few things I decided I better not for obvious reasons, plus some of the fetishes listed on here a far beyond all legalities so it's best not to looks for those things online, each one has a shor description but that short description explains each of the fetishes in just enough details to get imagination racing. However some things are better left as just names...

Better than meditation

What could be better than meditation for relaxation, she thought ... Thoughts were confused in my head after a sleepless night, the brain was desperately trying to preserve at least some signs of vital activity, and hands, living their own lives, slowly pushed back their panties and looked for the cherished "button".

"It is unclear why to strain so much" thoughts were still spinning, "why torture yourself like that", "after all, you can just live easily ..." ...


Natasha stood on the edge of the sidewalk at the entrance to the metro, gusts of the warm June wind fiddled with the hem of her dark red dress, then lifting the soft fabric over her slender knees, then pressing it tightly against them. I pulled up next to her, opened the door of my office Fabia, and smiled, looking straight into Natasha's soft gray eyes. She got into the car, slammed the door, and rubbed her face against my shoulder.